Princeton University declare it’s “Systemically Racist.” DoE Now investigating

Good day all, in the annuls of shooting yourself in the foot, Princeton University is taking this year’s trophy. With all the nonsense from the BCLM, (Black Communist Lives, and no one else’s, Matter), all the progressives are jumping on the “Everyone is a racist” bandwagon.

The problem with Princeton, is the idiots running the place didn’t stop to consider that making the announcement that they were a racist institution would open them up to a massive federal investigation. Here are the amusing details from the Washington Examiner:

The Department of Education has informed Princeton University that it is under investigation following the school president’s declaration that racism was “embedded” in the institution.

President Christopher Eisgruber published an open letter earlier this month claiming that “racism and the damage it does to people of color persist at Princeton” and that “racist assumptions” are “embedded in structures of the University itself.”

And this is where the fun begins. Princeton, like many colleges and universities, especially in the Ivy League, gets a bunch-a-ton of money from the federal treasury. This puts them squarely under the Title VI laws. (There are a few colleges that don’t take any federal money, and can avoid the issues with Title IX that is about to get Princeton raked over the coals)

According to a letter the Department of Education sent to Princeton that was obtained by the Washington Examiner, such an admission from Eisgruber raises concerns that Princeton has been receiving tens of millions of dollars of federal funds in violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which declares that “no person in the United States shall, on the ground of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”

I do believe that covers things like federal student loans, and any research grants that Princeton is receiving. Now, by trying to look “Oh so woke and politically correct”, Eisgruber may have just destroyed the very university he’s supposed to be running and, frankly, protecting. As to how this started, it was the usual suspects issuing their usual demands.

Eisgruber’s letter branding the 274-year-old university racist came after a summer of unrest rife with race riots and an open letter from hundreds of Princeton faculty members who wrote, “Anti-Black racism has a visible bearing upon Princeton’s campus makeup.” The admission was followed by dozens of “anti-racist” policy change demands. Among them were calls for select faculty race quotas and to “reconsider” the use of standardized testing for admissions.

The issue that the Progressive failures staffing these “schools,” (More like political reeducation centers, truth be told), have with standardized testing is that is shows up just how badly they have been in educating the children of inner city people. (They would say “Minority children” but I refuse to judge people by skin tone. I leave that to Progressives and Liberals). In trying to look like he actually cares, Eisgruber has opened the door for a full blown investigation that could, potentially, cost the university tens of millions, if not billions of dollars.

Now, the Education Department has sent a formal records request as it pursues its investigation. Its main point of contention is whether Princeton has lied to the public with its marketing and to the department in its promise not to uphold racist standards, in accordance with receiving federal funds.

“Based on its admitted racism, the U.S. Department of Education (“Department”) is concerned Princeton’s nondiscrimination and equal opportunity assurances in its Program Participation Agreements from at least 2013 to the present may have been false,” the letter reads. “The Department is further concerned Princeton perhaps knew, or should have known, these assurances were false at the time they were made. Finally, the Department is further concerned Princeton’s many nondiscrimination and equal opportunity claims to students, parents, and consumers in the market for education certificates may have been false, misleading, and actionable substantial misrepresentations in violation of 20 U.S.C. § 1094(c)(3)(B) and 34 CFR 668.71(c). Therefore, the Department’s Office of Postsecondary Education, in consultation with the Department’s Office of the General Counsel, is opening this investigation.”

Oh there is no doubt that the Ivy league schools to discriminate. It’s just that they usually discriminate against Asians and Caucasians. I believe that Harvard was sued over something similar, but since many of the judges went to the very same schools that wants to block Asians, they really had no chance of winning.

What the department seeks to obtain from its investigation is what evidence Princeton used in its determination that the university is racist, including all records regarding Eisgruber’s letter and a “spreadsheet identifying each person who has, on the ground of race, color, or national origin, been excluded from participation in, been denied the benefits of, or been subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance as a result of the Princeton racism or ‘damage’ referenced in the President’s Letter.” Eisgruber and a “designated corporate representative” must sit for interviews under oath, and Princeton must also respond to written questions regarding the matter.

And now the proctological exam, with a baseball bat, has begun.

Multiple people familiar with the matter have confirmed the letter’s validity and assert that this investigation is not political. Instead, they insist that the department has a legal obligation to investigate a supposedly self-admitted violation of federal civil rights protections.

Oh sure it isn’t, but frankly, I don’t care. These universities are one of the primary reasons we’re having all the problems we are experiencing today. Instead of providing a real “Liberal” education, they have been generating nothing but Marxist crap and assorted “Studies” degrees that are perfect for producing the next generation of Baristas for Starbucks.

Frankly, I hope that they do find that Princeton has been discriminating, and hands them their financial heads. I’m thinking a nice claw back of all the funds that have been sent to Princeton for the last 30 years would be a good start. Next, lawsuits from all the former students trying to get out from under the crushing debt they took on assuming that a degree from Princeton would actually be worth anything.

Now I must provide a little due diligence. A few years ago I applied for a job at Harvard. (Another Ivy League University) Obviously, I didn’t get the job, and I suspect a major part of it was that I am, basically, a “White Conservative Trump supporting patriotic American.” Thinking back on it, I am counting my blessing I didn’t get the job. (For which I was actually qualified for) I wouldn’t have lasted long, particularly if I showed up wearing a MAGA hat.


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