The Trump/Biden Debate

Good day all. Tuesday night was the first debate between President Donald J. Trump, and Dementia Joe Biden. I didn’t watch it. I read a book instead. I have been reading the reactions, and they seem to run the usual gamut. The one’s from the MSM can be ignored.

From what I’ve been reading, President Trump had two debate opponents, Dementia Joe and Chris Wallace. The reports indicate that whenever President Trump was starting to score points on Dementia Joe, or if Dementia Joe started to wander, Wallace would change the subject.

The other takeaway is that there wasn’t a lot of stuff on Issues. Both President Trump and Dementia Joe were more engaged in a verbal fist fight. One issue was the lock downs. President Trump is reported to have said he wouldn’t do it again, and Dementia Joe said he would and appeared to be anxious to do so.

Now the book I was reading is an alternate history book called “A Damn Fine War” By Bill Yenne.

Perhaps the commission handling the debates will finally put someone in place who actually knows how to run them and will keep things on track….And not move to protect Dementia Joe, (who appears to be related to Joe Isuzu) I would suggest Dan Bongino.


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~The Angry Webmaster~


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