Could a part of Maryland actually go Republican?

Good day all. Maryland is stopped up toilet of a state, almost as bad as New York and Kalifornistan. Although the governor is listed as a Republican, he’s a classic Never Trump RINO. He actually considered running against President Trump in the Primary. (Political self preservation won out and he didn’t) However, there is a very smart, very attractive woman running for congress in the 7th Congressional District.

This is the district that one of the more corrupt members of congress held on to for life, Elijah Cummings. (He walked into office in 1996 and was carried out feet first in 2020) A special election was held to replace him and another political hack Queasy Mmfffoney Kweisi Mfume beat out Cummings widow and took the seat last spring.

Now that the general election is upon us, Mphoney Mfume has to run for reelection. He has an actual tough opponent by the name of Kimberly Klacik. She has been out traveling the streets of Baltimore, talking to the residents and showing what a disaster it’s been since Cummings, Mfune and the Democrats have controlled it.

Ms. Klacik makes no bones about supporting President Trump, and she has been raising money for her campaign like gangbusters. Mfume? Not so much. Here are the details from the Washington Examiner:

Congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik reported a significant fundraising haul following a viral video campaign that was shared by President Trump on Twitter. Klacik, who is running as a Republican to represent Maryland’s 7th Congressional District (which includes parts of Baltimore), reported raising $6,445,451 from July 1 through Sept. 30, according to Fox News.

Klacik’s opponent, incumbent Democratic Rep. Kweisi Mfume, reported raising $184,349 during the same time period.

That is a major piece of change, and in comparison, Mfume is dealing with the change he was able to get from the couch. This is allowing Ms. Klacik to buy commercials, put out signs and put together a good “Get out the vote” team. I have the suspicion that Mfume is pulling a Felonia von Pantsuit and is assuming that he’s going to win and doesn’t need to do much of anything, like show up and talk to the voters in his district.

The amount raised is a message to the entire country,” Klacik told the Washington Examiner. “We are united. Republicans across the country care about the living conditions within our inner cities. Hard work pays off, and my Democrat opponent’s days of accumulating personal wealth off the backs of black people in low-income neighborhoods are numbered.”

Ouch! That was a nice and very subtle dig at Mfume, basically calling him a plantation owner and the people of recent African descent, just…well, we all know what they were before the Emancipation Proclamation.

Now Ms. Klacik is also an American of recent African descent. Because she has escaped the Progressive Liberal Democrat plantation, she has been on the receiving end of pretty much every slur you can think of, most of them coming from all those ever so woke Progressive White Liberals. (A bigger pack of racist scum you won’t find outside of the old Ku Klux Klan, who were also Democrats)

If she manages to win and flip that seat to the Republicans, it will send political shock waves through the Democrat Party. It will be a very difficult thing for her to do, sadly, but I understand she has been big in pushing the #WalkAway movement on Twitter. (Surprisingly, she hasn’t been booted from the platform yet. I’m sure that will happen in the next few weeks. Twitter might not have gotten to the “K’s” yet in their list of conservative people to censor) While I am not holding my breath that she will win in this rotten borough, I am crossing my fingers.


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~The Angry Webmaster~

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