Will the last business leaving Kalifornistan please turn out the lights?

Good day all. I recently posted a story regarding Hewlett-Packard moving it’s headquarters from the People’s Republik of Kalifornistan. This was a big deal sine HP was one of the “founders” of Silicon Valley. Now it looks like another major tech company is bailing out on the People’s Republik.

The latest major tech company to tell Kalifornistan is Oracle. They have become fed up with the over-regulation and taxes, and have channeled Davy Crockett when he told Congress, “You can go to Hell. I’m going to Texas!” Here are the details from CNBC:

Oracle is the latest tech company to move its headquarters out of California. The company said on Friday it’s moving its headquarters from the Silicon Valley to Austin, Texas.

Oracle is implementing a more flexible employee work location policy and has changed its Corporate Headquarters from Redwood City, California to Austin, Texas. We believe these moves best position Oracle for growth and provide our personnel with more flexibility about where and how they work,” a spokesperson confirmed to CNBC.

A bulk of employees can choose their office location, or continue to work from home part time or full time, the company said.

In addition, we will continue to support major hubs for Oracle around the world, including those in the United States such as Redwood City, Austin, Santa Monica, Seattle, Denver, Orlando and Burlington, among others, and we expect to add other locations over time,” Oracle said. “By implementing a more modern approach to work, we expect to further improve our employees’ quality of life and quality of output.”

I know the Burlington, Massachusetts location. It’s about 30-40 minutes from the Anger Central Primary Dwelling. I have actually interviewed there a couple of times. (Unsuccessfully, sadly)

The coronavirus pandemic has given a number of tech companies and prominent Silicon Valley figures an excuse to exit California. Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced earlier this month that it will relocate its headquarters from San Jose, California, to Houston, Texas. Data analytics software company Palantir Technologies also moved its headquarters to Denver, Colorado from Palo Alto, California, earlier this year.

Kalifornistan has really pissed off a large number of major corporations over the last few years. The People’s Republik has been passing massive tax increases, and has recently started interfering with the actual running of major corporations, telling them who they can have on their board of directors. Add to that the issues with the power grid and you cans see why all these companies are saying “See ya!”

Tesla and SpaceX chief Elon Musk also confirmed this week that he moved to Texas, though his companies still maintain their major operations in California. Larry Ellison, Oracle’s co-founder and chairman, serves on Tesla’s board. Ellison has a longstanding friendship with Michael Dell, whose computer company was founded and remains headquartered in the Austin area.

I suspect it’s only a matter of time before Musk pulls up stakes and bolts from Kalifornistan. He has been in a knock down drag out fight with Kalifornistan over how his companies have been dealing with the Panicdemic. He wanted to reopen and as we know, Kalifornistan’s General Secretary Comrade Gavin Newsom, (D-Money), wanted the plants to remain shut. Musk reopened his plants and dared Kalifornistan to do anything about it.

With all these major corporations pulling out of Kalifornistan, their already shaky tax infrastructure is getting even shakier. They are going to lose billions in revenue, both paid by the corporations and all the employees who decide that living anywhere else is better then being treated like a tax slave by the Party Elites in Sacramento. As the title of this post reads, “Will the last business out please turn off the lights?”


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