Rural citizens to Gavin Newsom: Kiss my ass!

Good day all. Recently, the corrupt dictator of the People’s Democratic Republik of Kalifornistan announced even more restrictions on the citizens of that joke of a state. However, the breaking point has been reached and people are now flat out ignoring his orders of questionable legality.

We have already seen a number of law enforcement departments tell Newsom they would not enforce his latest orders. Now we’re seeing people and businesses going about their daily routines or opening back up for business. Panicdemic be damned. Here are the details from Breitbart:

The pushback against Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom’s strict coronavirus lockdown is growing, including in rural communities where businesses and their customers are openly defying the orders.

That includes at Steve’s Sportsmans Cafe in Mariposa County, located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Owner Steve Knauf is still serving up chicken fried steak and beef ribs to hungry crowds and said he is no longer listening to state and other officials.

I think they’re trying to instill fear for something that’s not there,” Knauf said.

My customers don’t want me to shut down, and I’m not going to,” said Robbie Nelson, owner of the Airport Inn Bar and Grill where people gathered for the comfort food.

Mr. Knauf isn’t alone. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, more and more people are defying The Supreme Leader of Kalifornistan.

Knauf’s sentiment has been a common one, particularly in the rural reaches that make up much of the 12-county San Joaquin Valley region that the state told Monday to halt all but essential services because of the pandemic. The order, following months of shifting and often unpopular restrictions, appears to be only fanning frustration, if not outright defiance.

Public health officials say the backlash, which is also growing in parts of Southern California and the Bay Area, will make it harder to stop the spread of the coronavirus as the number of statewide cases soars to new peaks.

Until recently, Nelson and her husband, who started their business 12 years ago, had been playing by the state’s rules. They limited dining to the outdoors and took the temperatures of their patrons before seating them. However, after months of regulation, which had Mariposa County progressing toward less onerous restrictions but then backtracking, the back-and-forth stopped making sense to Nelson. With this week’s directive, she said she could no longer neglect her plummeting finances.

And that is the problem for the tyrants, both in Kalifornistan and other Democratic CommuNazi controlled cities and states. People are losing everything they have for no real benefit. Yes, they watch the news, however, they also know people who tested positive for the Wuhan Flu. They either didn’t get sick at all, or the symptoms were not as bad as they had been led to believe by the media and the governments. It’s now reached the point that these people will lose everything.

I decided this is enough, I’m not going to take it,” Nelson said. “People are dining in full capacity now, and everybody loves it.”

Of course, the Health Gestapo are not happy that the serfs are not following their orders.

The Chronicle reported that Mariposa County health officer Eric Sergienko is not happy about the revolt.

Sergienko is encouraging people to follow the state’s guidelines, even sending county workers to a grocery store this week to hand out face masks,” the Chronicle account said.

People here tend not to want to wear masks, and there’s not a lot of enforcement,” Sergienko said. “We do our best to educate people, but there’s only so much we can do.”

As for law enforcement? They have better things to do then chase people not wearing masks or going out and having a good time.

The Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office also has said it doesn’t have the “capacity” to deal with people violating coronavirus orders, and at least one local official is joining the crowd.

Mariposa County Supervisor Marshall Long stopped by the Airport Inn Bar and Grill earlier this week. While he wants people to remain healthy, he said that the restrictions are overbearing.

We have to live our lives,” Long said. “People are at the end of their ropes.”

Even the medical professionals have come to the conclusion that these lock-downs are actually making things worse for people.

Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease specialist at the University of California at San Francisco, is critical of the state’s lockdown.

It’s not (just) about civil liberties anymore,” Gandhi said. “It’s about poverty and the privilege that’s involved in the phrase ‘stay at home.’ How can I stay at home if my day-to-day putting food on the table depends on my being at work?”

Numbnuts Newsom, who isn’t paying any attention to the rules and regulations he’s shoving down the throats of his “Inferiors,” has put the most of the state under arrest until at least the next three weeks. Of course, one of the reasons he is locking people up is to prevent them from kicking his totalitarian ass out of office.

There is a very serious recall effort underway to boot him out. Locking down the state prevents signature gatherers from getting people to sign the recall petitions. He knows people are angry, and he and his Imperial Court staff are doing everything they can to break up the recall effort. There has already been a delay thanks to Newsom’s actions, however I understand that an extension has been granted because of his actions. Hopefully, he will be the next governor booted out in disgrace.


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