Dementia Joe: Let’s hand all our tech to China

Good day all, the Fake President hasn’t even been sworn in yet and he’s already serving his Chinese paymasters. Instead of working to protect American secrets and Intellectual property, Dementia Joe, on the instructions of his masters in the CCP, is all set to hand everything over to them.

In this case, the senile pedophile has decided that when should help advance the Chinese Communist party’s space program at the expense of our own. Here are the details from Newsmax:

Despite reports of massive Chinese espionage campaigns, intellectual property theft, forced technology transfer, and being a military and economic rival, Joe Biden’s space advisers want him to work with China on exploration.

“Trying to exclude them I think is a failing strategy,” Biden’s NASA transition team member Pam Melroy, a former astronaut, told Politico before the election. “It’s very important that we engage.”

Politico interviewed nearly two dozen astronauts, government officials, and space experts about whether there is a fear America could lose its position as global space leader.

“My concern is not that China is going places, but that our partners are going to China,” ex-NASA administrator and astronaut Charles Bolden told Politico. “We seem to be satisfied to allow them to go off and build their own space station.

“That’s short sighted,” the former Obama administration official continued, adding, “It’s not the mark of a good leader.”

Well, that’s interesting. Even a former Obama flunky knows that handing all our technology to China is not in American Interests, but then, Dementia Joe has always been wrong about everything like this.

The Trump administration is far less friendly with China, particularly since the global coronavirus pandemic – with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calling for the end of “blind engagement” with China. The recent intelligence of a massive Chinese spying operation in the United States should be even more concerning to all but Biden advisers.

“It’s one thing to be willing to share things with a former adversary who is weakened and not in a position to exploit what you’re sharing,” astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria told Politico. “I don’t think that’s true with the Chinese. I think we’re very leery about them learning about our technology and putting it to their own uses that might not be in our best interest.”

Everything I’ve been reading to date regarding Dementia Joe and Heels Up Harris and the people they’re bringing in, is that they are all paid agents of the People’s Republic of China, and have zero interest in protecting the United States from them. (By the way, I don’t blame or accuse the people of China of anything. They are loyal to their country as they should be, and they have literally no say in how their government handles things)

Former Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., echoed the warnings of working with the Chinese in space.

“China has taken a lot from the United States,” Wolf told Politico. “China is catching up. We are still ahead of them, but they are catching up. China has more to learn from the U.S. than we have to learn from them.

“So any cooperation would mean they take from us, not that we take from them,” Wolf concluded.

Back in the 90’s, under President Bubba Horndog, (William Clinton), Bubba arranged to share technology with the Chinese, ostensibly to aid them in building a space program. Instead, they used it for military purposes, specifically in making their ICBM’s more accurate and less likely to blow up on launch. I fully expect to see a repeat of this.

I fully expect the next administration to be a complete and utter disaster, economically, diplomatically and politically. Dementia Joe will be a fake president and probably will be out of office in less then a year, either for being senile, which he is, or the evidence of his corruption will be so massive that he will be forced out. Then we will have the retired prostitute, Heels Up Harris, a person who was rejected in the primaries by everyone. Dementia Joe is just a figurehead. Heels Up is the one running things and she can’t wait to sell out America for her own gain, and handing our tech over to the Chinese Communist Party is exactly what both of them intend to do. Stolen Elections matter.


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