Parler finding a new home

Good day all. Parler, the microblogging competitor to Twitter, was murdered over the weekend by Amazon Web Services with the apparent collusion of Twitter, Google and Apple. There is a legal case being brought. In the mean time, Parler has been trying to find a new home and it looks like they may have.

Parler has registered their domain with Epik, a hosting and domain service. (FYI, until this story came out overnight, I had not heard of the company) It appears that Parler will be setting up with them. Here are the details from the Washington Examiner:

A handful of Big Tech companies moved to take down social media platform Parler over the weekend, but it appears to have found a new company to help try to keep its website running. On Monday, Parler registered its domain and server to be hosted by Epik, an internet webhosting company known for working with right-leaning websites. Gab, another social media platform popular with conservatives, also uses Epik. A web domain search shows that Parler is now registered with Epik.

Gab was taken out last year in nearly identical circumstances and was knocked offline for almost a month. The accusations used to crush them was that they were used primarily by white supremacists and other assorted garbage. While there were some of these jerks there, they didn’t run the site. (We have an account on Gab) The real reason they were kicked off their original platforms was that, like Parler, they didn’t censor posts unless they were actually breaking the law.

Epik put out a statement on Monday claiming it had no discussion of providing future services to Parler. Epik did acknowledge, however, that Parler was “working on satisfying the requested terms placed upon them.”

Epik also defended Parler and said that it was being unfairly treated in comparison to its larger competitors Twitter and Facebook, which create an “undeniable double standard” when it comes to their policing and enforcement of content.

I can understand why Epik isn’t saying anything just yet. This is a business deal and there are things that are confidential. However, I see it as a good sign that Parler will be back online in fairly short order. The major problem will be transitioning their code from Amazon Web Services over to the systems used by Epik. Depending on how quickly their coders can work, along with the configuration of the infrastructure, I expect they will be back online within a month.

As for Amazon and the rest of the Big Tech Tyrants? Their day is coming. They might want to review the history of Standard Oil, U.S. Steel, AT&T and some of the other monopolies that were forcibly broken up. There is also their blatant attempts to suppress millions of Americans voices simply because they don’t like what they are saying.


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