So much for prosecutors claims regarding MAGA protesters

Good day all. January 6th 2021 saw a couple of hundred thousand Trump supporters in Washington protesting the Stolen Election and hoping that the members of the Senate and House would do their duty and look into what actually happened. As we know, a few hundred people appear to have gone a little over the top.

Now the FBI is arresting people who went into the Capitol building, (Something they couldn’t be bothered to do when it was Progressive/Antifa/BCLOM protesters doing the exact same thing), and one of the things they accused them of was planning to capture and/or kill members of congress. One man under arrest had a handful of zip ties, however he stated that he found them on site and was looking to hand them in.

Considering he was carrying a couple of dozen in his hand, I tend to believe him. Normally you would have something like that strapped to your person to keep your hands free. The prosecutor accused him of planning to murder vermin congressmen. Now the prosecutors are starting to walk back their charges. Here are the details from Just the News:

The acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Michael Sherwin announced on Friday that there is no “direct evidence” indicating that the crowd of people who breached the Capitol on Jan. 6 had any intention of killing or kidnapping members of Congress.

He told reporters, “We don’t have any direct evidence of kill-capture teams,” which seemed to contradict federal prosecutors in Arizona who had alleged on Thursday in a court filing that there was evidence rioters wanted “to capture and assassinate elected officials.”

In other words, they have absolutely no evidence that there was any intention to do harm to anyone in Congress. Gee, I wonder how they figured that out? I suspect someone actually looked at things, found that the people who, in many cases, were let inside by the Capitol Police, didn’t actually go looking for any of the Uniparty Worthies, most of whom were cowering in their bunker.

Reuters reported that Sherwin was attempting to “walk back” the claims filed in Arizona, which were about Jacob Chansey, the so-called “Qanon shaman” who was shirtless and wearing horns in the Senate chamber. He allegedly left a note saying, “it’s only a matter of time, justice is coming.”

Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t, and if he did, so what? The alleged note did not contain a threat of violence or unlawful actions, it spoke of justice. Now when I hear people demanding justice, they want a court of law to “Do something.” An actual threat would be more along the lines of “We’re going to get you!!” or We have plenty of tar, feathers and miles of rope and there are lots of lampposts waiting for you!” Now that could easily be seen as a threat.

Sherwin said that his office in D.C. is taking the lead on prosecuting crimes related to the breach of the Capitol, adding that there may have been a “disconnect” with other offices on some of the evidence.

“The cases are all being charged here in D.C., and with our law enforcement partners, and what makes this case in particular unprecedented and unusual and extremely complex is the fact that, after the event, obviously thousands of people went back to their home districts,” said Sherwin. “And that has complicated things.”

Personally, In think a lot of these cases are going to end with acquittals or dropped charges. The fact that these same prosecutors did nothing with regards to left wing “Protesters” who stormed the Kavanaugh hearings, and did very little with regards to Antifa or the BCLOM is definitely going to come up in the hearings. Granted, the courts and jury pool in Washington are decidedly left wing, but that just might cause demands for a change of venue.

The January 6th protests, far from being an insurrection, was a wake up call to the Progressive Uniparty elite that the serfs have had it. If we have another election in 2022, the odds are the Democrats, and quite a few Republicans are going to be shown the door. As for the court cases? President Trump? May I suggest that you get your pardon pen out and start signing for the last few days?


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~The Angry Webmaster~