Well, that was unexpected, pinterest pulled a pin

Good day all. I started using Pinterest to store all the images and memes I like to create or locate. I also will post from the Blog to Pinterest with a link back to the post I’ve just created. Well, I just received a notice from Pinterst that they had removed a pin from the politics section of their site.

My first thought was they went after something recent, but no, I checked back about a week and I don’t see anything missing. I have no idea what they took down or what it was about. Below is what they sent me. See if you can figure out what these Progressive Liberal Totalitarian meatheads are talking about:

We recently removed a Pin from your board “Politics” because it goes against our Community Guidelines on false and misleading content.

Pinterest is a safe and positive space to find inspiration. For this reason, we don’t allow misinformation, disinformation or mal-information on our platform because it may have a significant impact on public well-being, safety and trust.

Prohibited content includes:

  • False or misleading content about individuals or protected groups that promotes fear, hate and prejudice
  • False or misleading content that turns or encourages turning individuals, groups of people, places or organizations into targets of harassment or physical violence
  • Conspiracy theories
  • False or misleading content that impedes an election’s integrity or an individual’s or group’s civic participation, including registering to vote, voting, and being counted in a census
  • Content that originates from disinformation campaigns and erodes Pinners’ trust in the information they find on Pinterest
  • Factual information that is published or deliberately modified to erode trust or inflict harm, such as the changing or omitting of context, date or time
  • Fabricated or meaningfully manipulated visual or audio content intended to erode trust or cause harm

Please take some time to go through your Pins and remove any others that may conflict with our policies, or we may take further action against your account.


The Pinterest Team

Aside from being a Section 230 violation, not that the progressive totalitarians running the socialist media sites give a damn about that, they didn’t bother informing me of what the Hell they were talking about. To my knowledge, nothing I post meets any of the crap they call “Criteria.” I suspect it’s just smoke as they prepare to join the purge of anyone who doesn’t toe the Progressive Liberal Democratic CommuNazi line.

If this site suddenly shows gaping holes where images used to be, you can take it to the bank that Pinterest has decided to join in on the suppression of the 1st Amendment rights of all Americans.


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~The Angry Webmaster~

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