Fake President starts out by throwing thousands of people out of work

Good day all. The Fake President, Dementia Joe, has gotten off to a great start. He has ordered the shutdown of all work on the Keystone XL Pipeline, and thrown thousands of people out of work.

These jobs were high paying, skilled jobs held mostly by union members. Now they will be collecting unemployment instead of paying taxes, and thanks to the Thief in Chief, we can expect gas prices to skyrocket in the next year or so. Here are the details from BizPac Review:

President-elect Joe Biden is planning to quickly cancel the Keystone XL pipeline project held up for years during the Obama administration but approved by President Donald Trump, a move that will cost “thousands” of jobs at a time when employment is still depressed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fox & Friends” co-host Steve Doocy, in plugging Heritage Action for America’s executive director Jessica Anderson, noted that the pipeline is being built by private-sector companies that have already invested some $8 billion — all of which would be for naught if Biden does cancel it.

First, this story came out just before the Thief in Chief was sworn in. Second, I wonder if these companies can sue the federal government over this? It sounds like an illegal taking covered by the 5th Amendment. $8 billion is a lot of money to lose due to a mental incompetent’s decision.

But in addition, such a cancellation will lead to substantial losses of good-paying construction and engineering jobs at a time when the economy still has not fully recovered from the pandemic, she said.

It’s very concerning that Biden is heading down this direction when we know that the Keystone pipeline has provided so many jobs for hard-working Americans,” said Anderson.

The senile pedophile could not care less about the American worker. He has never cared about anyone but himself. He’s also an incompetent lying scumbag who is about as bright as a 40 watt bulb with the filament burned out. As long as he gets his money, what happens to anyone else is not his concern.

“It really is frustrating, and at a time when Biden’s plans should be about opening up more opportunities for jobs, he’s going in the opposite direction. These are thousands of hard-working construction and engineer jobs,” Anderson continued. “These are real Americans that will basically be put on unemployment with the backdrop of the pandemic.”

And these are mostly union members. I wonder if they leadership was supporting Dementia Joe and the CommuNazis? If so, then all I can say is:

The pipeline was first proposed in 2008. It is designed to transport some 830,000 barrels of oil per day from western Canada to terminals on the U.S. Gulf Coast. President Obama opposed the construction of the pipeline and blocked it, but Trump reversed that decision shortly after taking office.

Der Fubar despised any idea that Americans could be successful without his personal guidance. He also was opposed to America becoming energy independent, something that happened for the first time in 70 years under the Greatest President of the 21st Century, Donald J. Trump. Of course, I also heard rumors that Warren Buffett opposed the pipeline because he had stock in a railroad company that used tank cars to move the crude. I’m sure that was just a rumor though and that he didn’t use his wallet influence on the SCoaMF.

The project has been opposed in court by Native American tribes and by environmentalists who claim it will contribute to warming the planet via climate change, but Anderson pushed back on that.

Biden is “doing this under this farce of climate control and climate change when we know that not based in any real science,” she told Doocy. “The Keystone pipeline does not have any adverse effect on climate.”

She went on to say that Biden, early on, appears to be pursuing “the same failed policy line that Obama did,” adding that is “concerning to all of us Americans who want something more from our elected officials.”

And you are just now noticing this? If you haven’t been paying attention, the Fake President has been stocking up his maladministration with the worst of the worst from the Obama Regime.

Doocy countered that the left-wing faction of Biden’s Democratic Party will hail his decision as good for the country.

That should worry us all…when the progressive left is cheering something that Biden is doing,” Anderson responded, adding that many of Biden’s picks to serve in his administration are “Obama holdovers.”

So you did notice.

We know how this story ends,” she said. “It’s worse off for Americans.”

Nice of you to notice. Dementia Joe is wrong of course. He is always wrong. He has been on the wrong side of every major policy since he first sleazed his way into office 47 years ago. After all, it was Barack Obama who said of his own Vice President:

“Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k

Dementia Joe, the Fake President is off to a rollicking good start at “F**cking things up, and we’re all going to pay for the disaster that is coming. Thanks a lot to the cowardly judges, Uniparty RINO’s and never Trumpers. You’re hatred and greed may have just ended the United States of America.


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