Flaming Cuomo covered up the eldercide death toll

Good day all. Govno Andrew “Flaming” Cuomo is now finding himself in some serious hot water over his mass murder of the elderly in nursing homes due to the China Virus. One of his aids has spilled the beans that they deliberately hid the information from the Federal government.

We all knew that Govno Flaming Cuomo’s response to the Wuhan Flu has been one of the most incompetent in the country, and his order to put people who had the illness into nursing homes without doing anything to protect the people in the highest risk group, (The elderly people), has been uniformly panned. Now it seems that the actual number of people he killed with his incompetence is worse then first thought, and that he covered up the death toll. Here are the details from the New York Post:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s top aide privately apologized to Democratic lawmakers for withholding the state’s nursing home death toll from COVID-19 — telling them “we froze” out of fear that the true numbers would “be used against us” by federal prosecutors, The Post has learned.

Well, now that the Fake President has been put into place, you won’t have to worry about the Department of Justice actually doing it’s job. However, that probably isn’t going to help the aid at all.

The stunning admission of a coverup was made by secretary to the governor Melissa DeRosa during a video conference call with state Democratic leaders in which she said the Cuomo administration had rebuffed a legislative request for the tally in August because “right around the same time, [then-President Donald Trump] turns this into a giant political football,” according to an audio recording of the two-hour-plus meeting.

He starts tweeting that we killed everyone in nursing homes,” DeRosa said. “He starts going after [New Jersey Gov. Phil] Murphy, starts going after [California Gov. Gavin] Newsom, starts going after [Michigan Gov.] Gretchen Whitmer.”

In addition to attacking Cuomo’s fellow Democratic governors, DeRosa said, Trump “directs the Department of Justice to do an investigation into us.”

And basically, we froze,” she told the lawmakers on the call.

Because then we were in a position where we weren’t sure if what we were going to give to the Department of Justice, or what we give to you guys, what we start saying, was going to be used against us while we weren’t sure if there was going to be an investigation.”

DeRosa added: “That played a very large role into this.”

Well, you all did kill people with your incompetence and stupidity. I have little doubt that if the Deep State hadn’t been able to rig the election, the DoJ would already be knocking on your door. Now you’re going to have the New York State legislature looking into this and they are, to put it bluntly, pissed.

After dropping the bombshell, DeRosa asked for “a little bit of appreciation of the context” and offered what appears to be the Cuomo administration’s first apology for its handling of nursing homes amid the pandemic.

And like all good little progressives, she completely missed the target.

But instead of a mea culpa to the grieving family members of more than 13,000 dead seniors or the critics who say the Health Department spread COVID-19 in the care facilities with a March 25 state Health Department directive that nursing homes admit infected patients, DeRosa tried to make amends with the fellow Democrats for the political inconvenience it caused them.

So we do apologize,” she said. “I do understand the position that you were put in. I know that it is not fair. It was not our intention to put you in that political position with the Republicans.”

Nice going numbnuts. You might have been able to weasel your way out of trouble, instead you just made things worse.

Assembly Health Committee Chairman Richard Gottfried (D-Manhattan) immediately rejected DeRosa’s expression of remorse, according to the recording.

I don’t have enough time today to explain all the reasons why I don’t give that any credit at all,” said Gottfried, one of the lawmakers who demanded the death-toll data in August.

Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Queens), who took part in the call, told The Post on Thursday that DeRosa’s remarks sounded “like they admitted that they were trying to dodge having any incriminating evidence that might put the administration or the [Health Department] in further trouble with the Department of Justice.”

That’s how I understand their reasoning of why they were unable to share, in real time, the data,” Kim said.

“They had to first make sure that the state was protected against federal investigation.”

As I mentioned before, Flaming Cuomo and his pack of merry murderers won’t have to worry about the Department of InJustice now. However, they do have to worry about their own Attorney General, who might decide throwing Govno Cuomo and you into prison might look good when she runs for governor.

After state Attorney General Letitia James last month released a damning report that estimated the deaths of nursing home residents in hospitals would boost the grim tally by more than 50 percent, Health Commissioner Howard Zucker finally released figures showing the combined total was 12,743 as of Jan. 19.

Prior to that, Flaming Cuomo had said only about 8000 people had died, and people are still looking at the updated numbers with a rather jaundiced eye. Flaming Cuomo’s arrogance didn’t help matters either.

The controversy generated by James’ report led to an infamous news conference at which Cuomo callously dismissed the matter of where nursing home fatalities actually took place.

Who cares [if they] died in the hospital, died in a nursing home? They died,” he said.

As for Melissa DeRosa, she may be facing prosecution if Representative Tom Reed has his way. According to Fox Business News:

Rep. Tom Reed, R-N.Y. said Friday he will file a criminal complaint against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s aide and is calling for her arrest, after a bombshell admission that she withheld data on COVID-19 deaths at nursing homes to avoid federal scrutiny.

“I’m going to be looking at filing a personal criminal complaint against this individual today in local law enforcement offices as well as federal offices because she needs to be arrested today,” Reed told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo on Friday.

I don’t know if he has done this, but I wonder just how long it would take for DeRosa to turn on Govno Flaming Cuomo to keep her own progressive ass out of prison? Progressive Liberal Democratic CommuNazis aren’t noted for “Taking one for the team.” as it were. Hopefully, she will be arrested, followed soon after by the mass murdering moonbat, Govno Andrew Flaming Cuomo.


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