The fight to save Baen’s Bar is ON!

Good day all. I wrote up a post regarding the, hopefully, temporary, shut down of the Baen’s Bar forum. The person who wrote up the, in my unschooled opinion, libelous posting, Jason Sanford, has managed to royally piss off everyone on The Bar, and quite a few Baen Authors of all political stripes.

When I say all political stripes, I mean people who are flat out socialists to people who make Genghis Khan look like a political pansy. I’ve already mentioned Larry Correia of Monster Hunter Nation fame who started by carpet bombing Sandfart. We also have our Baen Socialist, Eric Flint who fired a few virtual rounds at Sandfart from his blog.We also have may other Baen Authors who are fixing bayonets and are in the process of skewering the lying weasel.

We start with Michael Z. Williamson who called in a Time on Target strike on the loser with his blog, The Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse. He was responding, apparently to Ms. Weisskopf being removed from an engagement at Worldcom. I will be honest and state up front I don’t know anything about it. (I don’t go to conventions) There is a backstory to Worldcom, Baen Publishing and Ms. Weisskopf. The inestimable Larry Corriea, who knows far more about it then I, wrote up a post on what happened.

Returning to Mr. Williamson’s remarks regarding the two legged turd known as Jason Sandford, Mr. Williamson passed on some remarks from the gentleman referred to by Sandfart as the victim of a racist attack, Arun Pradhu. Quoting from Mr. Williamson’s post:

Behold, Jason Sanford, who’s huge on Patreon. Well, he had 144 subscribers. Maybe he has a few more now.  His Amazon sales rank is in the 2 million to 4 million range, so he’s sold maybe 50 books, ever. He’s not even a wannabe, he’s a nevergonnabe.

He claims and pretends to be a journalist, and went into a lengthy “investigation” of Baen’s Bar, to find something to be offended by.

He was actually able to find someone being called…The Swarthy Menace!
This, he claims, is an indication of racism.

Well, I’ve known the person in question for 15 years, so let’s give some “context,” so beloved of “liberals,” to this name.

The nickname came about when Arun waded into spacebattlesforums (which most of us call “spacebabies,” because it’s a cesspit of ignorant, immature, basement-dwelling poseurs and wannabes), and textually destroyed someone who was criticizing Kratman’s military expertise with snide comments about his “alleged” career. Which is all real.  The incelcucks love to go after Tom, and to a lesser extent myself and John Ringo, stating we “claim” to have been in the military, when there are plenty of pics of all three of us in the field, and Krat even has professional papers on file with the War College.

I recall the Spacebabies incident. I actually wandered into the Spacebabies forum to see what all the fuss was about. I quickly left and then set fire to my computer. It was the only way to fully disinfect it. Continuing:

He emerged victorious, and someone even tried throwing the “white privilege” epithet at him, which is hilarious, him being neither white nor liberal.  Kratman dubbed him, and he wears the name with pride. 

Oh, Arun also uses the name “Swarth Vader.” 

Arun is in fact from India, which makes him:


An Asian

A South Asian

An educated technical professional

A minority religion by US rules (Hindu, even though there are 700 million of them).

So I’m not sure where a pasty white liberal racist American of privilege gets off questioning how the man likes to be addressed. But Arun is pissed as hell at this racist twat using him as a poster child.

Swarth Vader is pissed, and communicated with Mr. Williamson regarding the christening of the Swarthy Menace. Since he is in India, I’m not sure what Mr. Pradhu can do in a legal sense, however, he might want to consider contacting the employers of the pasty faced white liberal racist and speaking with them. (More on that later in this post) May the Swarth be with you Arun, Always.

Then we have Matthew Hopkins who did some real digging into Misturd Jason Sandfart and came up with a great deal of very interesting information.

He began by digging through the loser’s “expose” and in pretty short order, ripped it to shreds. He has also found out who Sandfart works for, (apparently, unlike people such as Eric Flint and Larry Corriea, he can’t make any money at what he calls writing), and posted the contact information on his blog. He has reached out to all the people involved, including Sandfart for comments. None seem to have been forthcoming.

Reading through the comments of Mr. Hopkins Blog, it seems that Sandfart is beginning to feel the heat of his misrepresentation of Baen’s Bar. Although I haven’t looked, (And honestly, can’t be bothered), it seems that Jason Sandfart has locked down his Twitler account. I gather that a few Barflies who have yet to be banned by Twitler logged in and replied to his tweets.

Among other problems with Sandfart’s hit piece, besides things like facts, the truth and whatnot, is his not knowing anything about the publisher, Toni Weisskopf. It seems that Sandfart decided to practice a little “Gender reassignment” on Ms. Weisskopf and referred to her as “Tony.” Another Barfly in Mr. Hopkins comments section noted that Sandfart changed his hit piece and “Corrected” the gender reassignment, and didn’t bother to note that he had made a mistake.

Now that Mr. Hopkins has so thoughtfully provided contact information for Jason Sandford’s employers, and other interested parties. You should reach out and inform them of Jason Sandford’s posting and what his misrepresentation of the truth has done and what he is trying to do. (I believe he is trying to force Baen Publishing out of business)

If you do contact these people, be polite. Say and do nothing that is rude, obnoxious and certainly nothing that even looks like it might be unlawful. We want to make things right by Ms. Weisskopf and Baen Publishing, not to mention the hundreds of Barflies Sandfart has harmed with his accusations, not make things worse. (Which is why I won’t be reaching out to the people listed. I’m far to angry)

The Progressive Totalitarian Left has decided to try and “Cancel” Baen Publishing. It’s time to turn the tables on them and “Cancel” Jason Sandford, using every LEGAL tool in the box. And let me stress, LEGAL! No threats, no intimidation, nothing of that sort of thing. If you hear others talking about unlawful activities, take them aside and tell them to put a sock in it.

Finally, here are a few other blogs I’ve found referring to the assault on liberty and The Bar by the barking moonbats.

Laughing Wolf

The Right Geek


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