Fake President admits he is a traitor, will never put America First

Good day all. We have reached the first month of the Fake President’s rule of error and the senile pedophile is living down to all expectations. He has recently admitted that he considers the United States of America to not be important.

When the Greatest President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, took office, he began undoing decades of of work by Globalists of both parties in running down the United States. He undid trade deals that were never meant to benefit the American people, only the rich elites of both parties. President Trump did such a good job that prior to the Great Panicdemic of 2020, which the Deep State Uniparty globalists used to kill the economy, the unemployment rate had dropped to about 3%, the lowest level since records started being kept. Of course, this was at the expense of the Ruling Elite and their bank accounts, so we saw the Great Election Theft of 2020 that imposed the senile pedophile and the blow job queen on America. Now we’re seeing just how bad it’s going to get. Here are the details from the Daily Wire:

President Biden told leaders at the G-7 summit on Friday, the same day the U.S. reentered the Paris Agreement, that the days of “America First” diplomacy championed by former President Trump were over, according to The New York Times.

As the New York Post, which cited Biden’s intent to declare on Friday that the “America First” era was over, noted, “Biden has swiftly dismantled Trump’s foreign policy agenda, which saw the U.S. withdraw from the World Health Organization, the Paris Agreement and the Iran nuclear deal, which Trump believed were against the nation’s interests.”

One official told the Post, “Now he will get the opportunity as president of the United States early in his term to declare that America is back and the trans-Atlantic alliance is back. He will look forward to driving home the core proposition that the trans-Atlantic alliance is a cornerstone for American engagement in the world in the 21st century, just as it was in the 20th.”

President Trump pulled out of those agreements and organizations for a simple reason. Not only did they not benefit Americans, they actively hurt Americans. That Dementia Joe is going back in, and is looking to give Iran whatever it wants proves that former Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, was absolutely correct.

He’s a man of integrity, incapable of hiding what he really thinks, and one of those rare people you know you could turn to for help in a personal crisis. Still, I think he’s been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.

Well, former SecDef Gates is partially wrong in his statement. The Fake President is NOT a man of integrity. He is a corrupt, lying scumbag who has sold out to foreign powers. As for Dementia Joe?

Biden claimed, “America is back, the trans-Atlantic alliance is back … we are not looking backward.” He stated, “We have to prove that our model isn’t a relic of history. We must demonstrate that democracies can still deliver for our people in this changed world. That is our galvanizing mission. Democracy doesn’t happen by accident. We have to defend it. Strengthen it. Renew it.”

Is that why you are doing everything you can to utterly subvert Democracy, Free Speech and our economic well being? When are you going to tell San Fran Nan and UpChuck Schumer to tear down that fence?

The simple fact of the matter is, Dementia Joe Biden is stupid, He is a weak person who, through the actions of the Deep State and the Beltway Uniparty, subverted the election in 2020. The Fake President is already being seen by our adversaries as someone they can push around, just like Barack Obama.

The Fake President is already, well, his handlers are in any case, getting ready to see both Taiwan and Israel destroyed. The senile pedophile is looking for little girls who’s hair he can sniff and probably isn’t aware of what day it is. Look for things to get a lot worse, including mass casualty Islamic terrorist attacks that this tool will blame on “Domestic White Supremacy.”


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