American escapes from Kabul denied entry into the United States

Good day all. There are many stories out there, mostly being suppressed by the Communazi Propaganda Corps, about Americans who have managed to escape from Afghanistan. The State Department has been throwing all sorts of roadblocks to keep people from making it home. Now we can add the Department of Homeland (in)Security to the list.

It seems that a plane with about 100 Americans and Green Card holders has been denied entry into the United States for unknown reasons. Here are the details from Newsmax:

The Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday denied U.S. landing rights for a charter plane carrying more than 100 Americans and U.S. green card holders evacuated from Afghanistan, organizers of the flight said.

“They will not allow a charter on an international flight into a U.S. port of entry,” Bryan Stern, a founder of non-profit group Project Dynamo, said of the department’s Customs and Border Protection agency.

Stern spoke to Reuters from aboard a plane his group chartered from Kam Air, a private Afghan airline, that he said had been sitting for 14 hours at Abu Dhabi airport after arriving from Kabul with 117 people, including 59 children.

This occurred last week and the story was published in Newsmax on September 29th. I haven’t been able to find anything else on this story, and as expected, the Communazis Propaganda Corps has memory holed it.

His group is one of several that emerged from ad hoc networks of U.S. military veterans, current and former U.S. officials and others that formed to bolster last month’s U.S. evacuation operation they saw as chaotic and badly organized.

Chaotic is an understatement. That debacle is going to reverberate for a generation and it’s going to take at least a decade to clean up the mess made by President Bumbles Dementia and the Military. (That decade won’t start until Bumbles Dementia and the Moonbats are out of the White House and a real president is in place) As for the Department of Homeland (in)Security, they aren’t responding to any questions.

An administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said they were unfamiliar with the matter, but that the U.S. government typically takes time to verify the manifests of charter planes before clearing them to land in the United States.

It doesn’t take that long to clear it if they are American passport holders or they are legal resident aliens with green cards. Simply provide the serial numbers from the passports and green cards, run them through the various computer systems and you will have an answer in an hour or two. No, I think there is something else going on here.

U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration has said its top priority is repatriating Americans and green card holders unable to leave Afghanistan in the U.S. evacuation operation last month.

A senior State Department official on Monday said the United States was aware of about 100 American citizens and legal permanent residents ready to leave Afghanistan.

They were ready to leave before Dementia Joe pulled the plug and bugged out of Afghanistan, leaving hundreds if not thousands of American citizens, Green Card Holders and those with pre-approved visas to the tender mercies of the State Department’s newest best buddies, the Taliban.

Twenty-eight Americans, 83 green card holders and six people with U.S. Special Immigration Visas granted to Afghans who worked for the U.S. government during the 20-year war in Afghanistan were aboard the Kam Air flight, Stern said.

Would you care to guess if any of those Americans were one of the “Only 100” that the maladministration claims they abandoned?

He had planned to transfer the passengers to a chartered Ethiopian Airlines plane for an onward flight to the United States that he said the Customs cleared to land at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City.

Sounds like Mr. Stern actually had a plan and approvals as well as the logistics in place to get our people home. So what happened you ask? Biden happened.

Customs then changed the clearance to Dulles International Airport outside Washington before denying the plane landing rights anywhere in the United States, he said.

“I have a big, beautiful, giant, humongous Boeing 787 that I can see parked in front of us,” he said. “I have crew. I have food.”

Stern said intermediaries in Kabul had obtained permission from the Taliban-run Afghan Civil Aviation Authority for the groups to send a charter flight to retrieve the passengers from Kabul airport.

So, once again, the scum and villains of the Joseph “Bumbles Dementia” Biden Maladministration, rather then actually do their job, or more interested in covering their asses and screwing over American Citizens. I would add this to the list of charges that need to be brought against President Dementia during the Impeachment hearings.


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