A Rant by an idiot

Greetings all, Normally this rant would have either been ignored or posted on the main site, but this one just cries out for some serious fisking. The posting came in earlier this week and I almost tossed it in the reject pile. Then I thought, “Why not lambaste this moron?

First, the original post:

americans imperialistic views

rant: well stupid americans..it is your country who deserves attacks!!!your own government is always bringing it’s war machine on innocent people all over the world, while sticking it up your asses financially..does this make sense to you ?…this is not your world!!!, so when you attack innocence , expect to have terrorism !!!..wake up fools!

Well, where to begin? It’s obvious that English isn’t the first language of this twit. My first guess is he’s middle eastern, however I can’t say this with assurance. It’s just a feeling. He then starts his rant by saying we deserve to be attacked for attacking everyone everywhere.

Funny, I don’t recall B-52 strikes occurring on cities lately. Nor do I recall seeing 10’s of thousands of civilian causalities being caused by those non-existent strikes. Of course, scum like this poster always blame others for their failures, and at the moment we’re dealing with multiple attacks by RIF’s1 going back to the ’90’s.

Now, lets take this goat rapist at his word. What would really happen if the United States went full imperialistic? I can tell you, those on the receiving end wouldn’t be very happy…or breathing for that matter.

If the United States decided to become a traditional imperialistic nation, the first thing we would do is remove recalcitrant population centers that we don’t see a use for. In other words, the nukes would fly. We wouldn’t care one wit about collateral damage, (Civilian causalities) and in fact would probably maximize them.

The American way of war is hard, fast and brutal. We basically come in and level everything. The last time we did this was World War Two. The recipients of our wrath? Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. We stamped those countries flatter then a pancake.

So, to continue, you have provoked the United States and have just had all your cities destroyed and millions of your people killed. Now what happens? That depends. Do you have resources we need? If so, we’ll invade, take the territory we need that contains we want. Anyone living there? They will either be forced out or killed. Once we have cleaned out everything we want, we’d probably leave. The few survivors we leave behind would be in no condition to bother us again.

Now, you may be thinking “You Americans, you want the world to love you!” This is true. However we’re talking Imperial America, not “I’m American, gotta love me!” Imperial America would probably revert to the way were were in the early to mid-19th century. At that time we had a “Manifest Destiny”2 to fill the continent.  The problem was, the current residents. The answer? We removed them. You might want to look at the history of the American Indian Wars3 and how the natives were treated. To put it bluntly, they weren’t treated very nicely.

So, as to your claim that Americans are imperialistic? You damn well better hope we DON’T become imperialistic. If we do, the body count will quickly climb into the 10’s of millions as we remove troublesome populations.

You might want to read several good fictional works on an Imperial America. I would recommend the one by Tom Kratman,4 called Caliphate. It’s a frightening book of what happens when the true ire of America is raised. It’s scary that most Americans5 completely understand just what was going through Col. Kratman’s mind when he wrote this novel. More’s the pity that the rest of the world doesn’t.

Now, why don’t you go back to molesting your goats and stop bothering us? :)

~The Angry Webmaster~


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    A Rant by an idiot – #angercentralarchives http://t.co/l3fYim8i

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