And yet another Never Trump RINO bites the dust

Good day all. In 2016, when then candidate Donald Trump was moving towards securing the Republican nomination for President, there appeared something that had long been known among a certain class of Republicans. Those who despise the Republican Base that actually put them into office.

When Donald Trump secured the nomination, they literally flipped out. Trump was never supposed to win. The GOP Elites had managed to suppress and co-opt the TEA party groups, (With the help of the Obama IRS), who posed a threat to their privilege and positions.

When Donald Trump came out and not only listened to the Base, but spoke their language about Making America Great Again, NOT ‘Managing the decline” of the United States, and told the voters exactly what the problem was and what he was going to do to fix it, the RINO elites panicked.

When the Republican Convention began, a group of these RINO’s, including Mittens Romney, tried to subvert the results and put one of their people in place. These people became known as the “Never Trumpers” and would do anything, including putting Felonia von Pantsuit into the White House. They failed miserably and Donald Trump became the Greatest President of the 21st Century.

This didn’t stop them and we saw a flat out coup attempted. First was the fake dossier that was created by Felonia von Pantsuit’s campaign claiming that President Trump was working for the Russians. (Actually, it was Felonia. See Uranium One) Then they tried to Impeach President Trump on charges that the current fraud in the White House actually did.

When the 2018 midterms came up, many of these RINO’s and Never Trumpers decided to “retire.” For most, it was due to the certainty they would lose their primaries. For a large number, it was a chance to let the Communazis take control of one or both houses of Congress and tie up President Trump. Finally, they had their chance in 2020, and thanks to Anthony Fauci’s biological weapon escaping a Chinese lab, they saw their chance to finally “Get Trump!

I won’t bother going over the massive levels of Voter and Election Fraud and Theft that occurred, that is being well covered. When the Grand Theft Election happened, President Trump fought back, culminating in yet another attempt to Impeach him. This too, failed miserably.

When that failed, the Communazis and Deep State Uniparty RINO’s decided to use the protest of January 6th as yet another tool to “Get Trump!” The problem was the committee. The two Republicans the leadership chose were summarily rejected by San Fran Nan Pelosi. Why? They would ask some very touch questions regarding Pelosi’s own actions. Instead, she named two of the Ten RINO’s that voted to Impeach president Trump a second time to the committee.

This isn’t going over well with their constituents and their poll numbers have been rapidly sinking to the deepest parts of the Marianas Trench. Because of this, some of the RINO’s, knowing they are going to be humiliated, are doing what wimps always do. They are bravely running away and announcing that they are ‘Retiring.” The latest one is Adam Kinzinger. Here are the details from Fox News:

Saying that he can’t run for reelection to Congress while at the same time waging a broader war for the future of the Republican Party, Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois on Friday announced that he wouldn’t run for reelection next year.

The six-term conservative congressman and combat pilot veteran made headlines in January as the second-most high profile of the 10 House Republicans to vote to impeach former President Donald Trump. He becomes the second of that group to not seek another two-year term in the House in the 2022 midterm elections, following Rep. Anthony Gonzales of Ohio.

Comrade Kinzinger claims to be a “Conservative” but he isn’t. He’s just another swamp dwelling RINO who has finally been seen for what he is. A phony. Another reason he isn’t running is the redistricting that is going on in Illinois. Since the state is wholly owned by the Chicago Communazis, they’ve decided to gerrymander him into certain defeat.

As he fights to break the GOP from its current domination by the former president and works to back other anti-Trump Republicans, Kinzinger stressed in a video announcing his decision that it has “become increasingly obvious to me that in order to break the narrative, I cannot focus on both a reelection to Congress and a broader fight nationwide.”

Kinzinger, like all the Anti-Trump RINO’s, has completely missed what is going on in the country in general and with the Republicans in particular. The GOP Base, which he needs to win his primary, are almost solidly in favor of President Trump and his basic policies. Kinzinger, Cheney, Romney and the rest utterly oppose these polices for a very simple reason. It hits them in the wallet.

These RINO’s are what are commonly called “Globalists.” They support “The world” and not the Constitution of the United States, the Nation or the American way of life. All they care about is enriching themselves and grabbing more power and privilege for themselves and their families.

When President Trump came in to office, he tore up all the Bush/Cheney “Free Trade” deals that freely traded American jobs for personal gain. When President Trump went after China for their constant cheating on agreements, not to mention their penchant for stealing intellectual property, the Globalists in the Uniparty went ballistic. None of this would have happened if those useless Deplorables had just done what their Elitist betters told them to do and nominated Jeb! “Please clap” Bush.

President Trump, after utterly destroying Bush in the Primaries, then winning the election, did something no RINO has ever done before. President Donald Trump worked hard to actually keep the promises he made. This both stunned and encouraged the Republican base, and they promptly moved to take over the GOP and show all the Country Club RINO’s the door. Now people like Kinzinger are leaving office and announcing that they are going to once again put the GOP base back into it’s place.

“I want to make it clear, this isn’t the end of my political future but the beginning,” he also emphasized. “Let me be clear, my passion for this country has only grown. My desire to make a difference is bigger than it’s ever been.”

You have proven you couldn’t care less about this country, otherwise you would have worked to finish off the Democrats as they currently exist. No, you decided, like all the other RINO’s, that getting Trump and destroying the Deplorables was far more important than protecting the Constitution and the people. This is why you and the other 9 RINO’s thought it was a great idea to try and impeach President Trump a second time on baseless charges.

Trump was impeached by the House a week later on one count of inciting an insurrection.

Which we all know never happened. A few hundred protesters got into the Capitol, (With many of them actually let in by the Capitol Police), who then, with few exceptions, acted more like tourists that rioters. What they did succeed in doing was show the Uniparty that the people of this country really don’t like most of them. The upshot was several hundred people being held without trial as political prisoners and the construction of Fort Pelosi.

The 10 Republicans joined all 222 Democrats in voting to impeach Trump, with 197 Republicans voting against impeachment. In February, after leaving the White House, Trump was acquitted in a Senate trial, with seven GOP senators joining all 50 Democrats in the chamber to vote to convict the former president.

And that worked out so well for the RINO political traitors with their constituents back home.

All 10 House Republicans instantly faced the wrath of Trump and his allies, who have worked to defeat the lawmakers as they run for reelection in the midterms. Trump’s endorsed primary challengers to a number of the 10, including the most well known of the bunch, Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming.

Cheney has yet to learn her lesson, and probably never will. She has been doubling down on stupid every few days it seems. She has gone so far off the edge that her sanity should be questioned. Her hatred of President Trump is deep and unyielding. It’s gotten so bad that she has been removed from her leadership positions, and, if the polls are to be believed, her seat in the House next year. That delusion extends to Kinzinger.

“I stand in awe of the courage of the other nine members in the House who voted to impeach a president of their own party, knowing it could be detrimental to their political career,” Kinzinger said.

Oh it isn’t just their political career, it’s anything to do with politics. These people have shown that they will stand with the Communazis and against the people that put them in office. Kinzinger is going to find himself frozen out of the Republican Party. President Trump and the MAGA hat wearing Deplorables are not backing down any longer.

Trump, in a statement after Kinzinger’s announcement, wrote “2 down, 8 to go!”

There is speculation that Kinzinger may now mull a Republican gubernatorial challenge next year against Pritzker.

Good luck with that! Illinois is a Communazi stronghold that has completely subverted any semblance of freedom, liberty and the Constitution. The Republican Party is impotent, just like in Kalifornistan and the other deep Blue states. Oh they might reward Kinzinger for his betrayal, but I doubt he could be elected dog catcher these days. Now we just need to continue cleaning out the rest of the refuse.


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