New York Slimes says Biden should dump Harris in favor of…

Good day all. We have seen what a complete failure President Bumbles Dementia Biden has been. The only one more incompetent than he is, has been his Vice President, Heels Up Harris. There has been talk regarding removing her from Office, but that would be difficult to do. Now the idea is to dump her in 2024 when the Drooling Idiot “runs” for reelection.

The only question would be, who would they get to replace Harris who isn’t a complete loser? Some have suggested Secretary of (No)Transportation, Pete Buttplug. Of course he has a problem with actually showing up for work. A few have suggested Felonia von Pantsuit, however, I think, even in his mush for brains mind, Dementia Joe would like to die of natural causes, so she’s a no go.

Then we have the suggestion from New York Slimes Columnist Thomas Friedman. His brilliant idea? He thinks the time would be right for a “Unity Ticket” of Biden and a Republican. Care to guess which Republican he thinks would be a benefit to the ticket? His brilliant idea is to have Biden’s Handlers choose that stalwart Republican, Liz(ard) Cheney.

The Slimes column is paywalled of course, so linking to it isn’t worth the trouble. However, it wasn’t just the potential Biden/Cheney ticket that he thought would be a winner. Here were a couple of others.

Is that what America needs in 2024 — a ticket of Joe Biden and Liz Cheney? Or Joe Biden and Lisa Murkowski, or Kamala Harris and Mitt Romney, or Stacey Abrams and Liz Cheney, or Amy Klobuchar and Liz Cheney? Or any other such combination.

The column is all over the place to be honest, with a ton of references to Israel. Frankly, reading through it, I can’t make out how any of these clowns would be of any benefit to Israel, certainly not the way the Greatest President of the 21st Century, Donald Trump was. (Biden is all set to sell Iran Nukes after gifting them the money)

One of the reasons this crack smoking bozo came up with this idiotic idea is that we need to “Save democracy!” Of course. Friedman is Communazi and hates Trump, conservatives, and anyone living in Flyover Country. Of course, he doesn’t seem to understand that it’s his side of the fence that is working to end the Republic and institute a single party totalitarian state. In any case the reaction across the board was swift and very unkind. According to Fox News:

Twitter was lit on fire Tuesday evening after New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman proposed a new VP for President Biden ahead of the 2024 election.

Setting Twitter on fire is, in my opinion, a good thing. Burn it to the ground, bulldoze the ashes and pour salt on it so nothing will ever grow there again. Oh wait, that wasn’t what you meant? Never mind.

Friedman wrote a piece extensively focused on Israeli politics and the “most diverse national unity government in Israel’s history,” something he suggested, “might be a harbinger for politics in the U.S.”

Only in his Crack-addled brain.

He asked political scientist Steven Levitsky, who warned “democracy cannot afford for this Republican Party to win again” for failing to commit to democratic rules, if a Biden-Cheney ticket is “such a crazy idea.”

Oh, it’s a crazy idea.

I did a quick search on Steven Levitsky, and, as I expected, he’s a Moonbat’s Moonbat who has never done an honest day’s work in his life. He “Teaches” at Harvard University and has done so for 20 years. In other words, he’s a complete waste of oxygen.

“Not at all,” Levitsky replied. “We should be ready to talk about Liz Cheney as part of a blow-your-mind Israeli-style fusion coalition with Democrats. It is a coalition that says: ‘There is only one overriding goal right now — that is saving our democratic system.’”

Obviously, this clown hasn’t been paying attention to what’s been happening in Wyoming. Not surprising, he probably couldn’t tell you where the state is on a map. Cheney is about as popular as explosive diarrhea and is going to lose her primary. Biden, or more likely, his handlers, wouldn’t be stupid enough to put her or any RINO TransRepublican on the ticket. They’d lose half the Democrat voters.

The second issue is that these two morons seem to think that the United States uses the parliamentarian form of government where it’s very common for two or more parties to combine and share power. In the early days of the United States, we did have a process where the winning Presidential Candidate would have the losing candidate as his vice president. That didn’t work out to well. (Failed miserably is a better turn of phrase)

The remarks in Twitler were very entertaining. For instance:

“The most storied institution in American journalism has given this man a high-paying job for life. And he farts this out,” Rolling Stone editor-in-chief Noah Stachtman said, knocking the Times.

That was one of the kinder remarks. How the Slimes let this one through has got to be a “Mystery for the Ages.” Friedman’s column also assumes that the Democrats have a hope in Hell of winning in 2024. It’s taken that drooling idiot less than a year to take a country that was looking forward to getting back to work after the Great Panicdemic of 2020 nonsense, and make is pine for the days of Jimmy Carter. A Biden-Cheny ticket?


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