Schumer Admits the truth on ending the filibuster

Good day all. Senator Charles “UpChuck” Schumer has been trying to pass the “Democrat Single Party State Act” to strip control of elections from the States and hand it to the Progressive Washington Bureaucrats. (Never mind the constitutional issues with this thing). Schumer has been stopped by the Republicans who see this for what it is. A straight forward power grab by the Democrat Party. They have been using the filibuster to keep this disaster from passing.

This has led to demands by the Progressive Liberal Communazis that the Senate end the Filibuster. For those of you who don’t know, the Filibuster isn’t a law or part of the Constitution. It’s a rule for doing business in the Senate, and can be ended if the Senate votes in favor to do so. Currently, the Senate is split 50/50 with Heels Up Harris casting a deciding vote.

However, to enact Cloture, which means end the filibuster currently underway, requires 60 votes. There is no way they can get that. To end the Filibuster is a simple majority I believe, and that is another issue. Two Democrats have flat out said “Fuggetaboutit UpChuck. Not happening.” and there are probably others who don’t want to give this up after they get hammered in November.

Now UpChuck Schumer has finally admitted the truth on why he is so desperate to pass the fake Voting Rights bill, to the point he is willing to scrap the Filibuster. Here are the details from RedState:

Democrats are doing all they can to upend the filibuster to be able to restrict election integrity bills and pass what they call “voting rights” bills. Over the weekend, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) attacked Republican election integrity bills, claiming they were a “legislative continuation of Jan. 6.”

Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) gave the game away, admitting that the real purpose of their ‘voting rights’ push was a federal takeover of elections. Clyburn claimed that the “federal elections cannot be left up to the states, should not be left up to the states.” It’s all about control.

But now Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is saying the quiet part out loud too, explaining that the Democrats — “every single senator”– are worried that they will lose their races if Democrats don’t control elections.

And that is all you need to know about why they are pushing for a blatantly unconstitutional takeover of the election system. For centuries, the Democrat Party has been all about control, first of Slaves and later control of everyone and everything. Since the election of the Greatest President of the 21st Century, Donald Trump, they have stopped even pretending that they care about anything other than power and privilege. Hopping over to the Democrat Propaganda site, The Hill:

The fear boils down to a belief among Senate Democrats that unless they take federal action, changes being made by GOP-controlled state legislatures will make it harder for certain constituency groups to vote, which would make it harder for Democrats to win elections. That, in turn, would make it harder for Democrats to keep or win back control of the Senate in the future.

This is where things really get interesting. All of the laws being enacted at the state level consist of doing things to keep the elections honest, open and fair. They want to make sure that only people who are United States Citizens who are legally entitled to vote, do so. They also want to protect the integrity of the ballots. Tens of millions of people believe that the presidential election was rigged and stolen by the Democrats.

Considering all of the questionable, and in many cases, flat out violations of various state election laws, along with the judicial branch refusing to actually do their job, two things have been happening. First was the continued fight over auditing the 2020 election, and second, making it a lot harder for potential fraud to occur. Since the Democrats generally can’t win unless they cheat, this explains their idea of “Voting rights.”

This is why they want to end the Filibuster. They can’t get this election theft and fraud bill passed and on to the desk of Dementia Joe unless they can do it with 50+ 1 vote. (The plus one is Heels Up Harris) The two members of the Senate who are holding out are Joe Manchin, and Kyrsten Sinema. Those two are from fairly conservative states that want to see tighter election laws.

Unless Manchin and Sinema flip on the filibuster, Democrats will be unable to move their own voting rights measures. 

There are many colleagues who are making that comment about their own races. … That’s certainly one of the factors,” Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) told The Hill when asked if Democrats were making the case that they could lose reelection without voting legislation.

These are being done only in Republican states where Republicans control all the levers … so if it’s our voters that they’re targeting, then we ought to have some responsibility to stand up for those voters,” Kaine added.  

Actually, that isn’t accurate. The states controlled by the Communazis have a long and storied history of stealing elections. It was in these states, along with a few GOP states that we saw the issues with the 2020 election. By rights, President Trump should have won them, but, mysteriously, more and more ballots were found that were for Dementia Joe Biden. In many cases, the “Found ballots” were 100% in favor of Biden. A huge number of mailed in ballots were also found to have no other races voted on and, interestingly, the ballots themselves had no creases in them as you would expect if they had been put into an envelope.

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), speaking about changes to voting laws in various states during a recent interview with CNN, added that nearly every senator in the caucus had been lobbying Manchin and Sinema on voting rights, including “going up to them and saying, ‘I’ll lose my election if … you allow these changes to occur.’”

They should lose their elections. Why? Just take a look at what’s been happening for the last two years. Riots in Democrat controlled cities where the local and state officials did nothing, crime going out of control and the border thrown wide open. Then there is the economy starting to tank and inflation rates we haven’t seen in 40 years, all due to the Democrats. This doesn’t even cover the foreign policy disasters such as the Biden orchestrated Bugout from Kabul and the hundred of Americans and thousands of green card holders abandoned to the Taliban.

Schumer has vowed that he will force a vote on the legislative filibuster by Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Election experts have pointed to the timeline as a key cutoff point for getting federal election legislation passed by the start of the 2022 primaries and with enough time to survive likely legal challenges.

About those legal challenges. The only way this thing could survive those is if the judges tore up the constitution. Granted, the Obama and Biden judges won’t hesitate to do so, however, there is still the supreme court. The section of the Constitution that governs elections is Article I, Section 4, Clause 1:

The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators.

At the time this section was written, Senators were selected by the state legislatures, not by popular vote. That was changed with the 17th Amendment. (We can discuss repealing that Amendment another day)

Recently, President Bumbles Dementia went down to Georgia and flat out insulted most Americans. Last year, as a response to the mess of the 2020 election, the state passed a few laws to tighten things up. This caused the Progressive Totalitarian Communazis to go ballistic. Never mind that Dementia Joe’s own home state of Delaware has even more restrictive election laws.

There is also another issue, and that is the actual voters. (The living ones in any case. The Dead voters can be counted on to vote however the Democrats tell them to). A large majority of voters are fine with presenting Identification proving who they are and that they do live in the district they are voting in. Many are opposed to sending out unsecured ballots to everyone whether or not they were requested. A lot of people think that you should vote on election day, not a month before. In other words, the people like the ideas being passed. It’s the Progressive Liberal Democratic Communazis who hate them.

As to killing the filibuster, if UpChuck manages to do this, and rams through the Democrat election theft protection act, he has better hope that the Progressive Fraud machine can steal enough state elections to maintain their control in the Senate. When Dingy Harry Reid killed the filibuster for voting on judges, the Communazis thought the would be in power forever.

They were blown out and Cocaine Mitch McConnell used the very same tactics against the Democrats and President Trump was able to put hundreds of Constitutional Constructionist on the bench. These people read and study the constitution and understand that it’s purpose is to restrict the Federal Government. (Something that incompetent git, Sotomayor fails to understand and demonstrated this during the hearing on Dementia Joe’s mandates)

Without question, if the filibuster is killed and this load of crap is rammed through ala Obamacare, it will blow back on the Democratic Communazis again. The best case is that in 2023 the new congress comes in and starts work gutting the Democrats. The worst case is there is massive voter fraud and a full blown uprising. All of that will be negated if the Filibuster is maintained and the “Democrat Voter Fraud Protection Act dies in the Senate.


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