MSNDNC calls home schooling “RACIST!”

Good day all. Prior to the Great Panicdemic of 2020 and the closing of the schools at the behest of the Teacher’s unions, there was a small but growing group of parents who home schooled their children. Of course, the “Professional Educators” were and are opposed to parents teaching their children how to read and write.

One reason is that test scores for home schooled children tend to be much higher then those victimized educated in the public schools. With the Panicdemic school closures, Parents saw what their children were being “taught” and also started working more with them then before. Now many more parents have jumped onto the home schooling bandwagon.

This is driving the progressives insane. Since their primary targets for political indoctrination public school education are at home and being taught things that the “Educational Elite” have deemed bad. The other issue is that if more students stay home, then the classrooms are empty and all those good union members won’t be needed by the school districts. Now the Educational Elites have turned to their primary Propaganda organs to attack home schooling. Here are the details from Fox News:

In an MSNBC opinion column Friday, columnist Anthea Butler warned about homeschooling being a “project” of evangelicals’ “war against public schools,” one that also has “insidious” racist roots.

Butler began her piece by mentioning actor Kirk Cameron’s documentary “The Homeschool Awakening” and how it shows that staunch conservatives are planning to launch an assault against public schools.

“’Public education has become public enemy No. 1,’ the actor Kirk Cameron opines in a promotion for ‘The Homeschool Awakening,’ his documentary scheduled to hit theaters in June,” she stated, adding, “as Cameron’s quote indicates, this latest project of conservative evangelical education is another salvo in the ongoing evangelical war against public schools.”

Obviously, this blithering idiot has completely missed the rage parents are experiencing towards their local school districts, not that they know the crap that’s being done to their children in the guise of “education.”

“It should come as no surprise that evangelicals, fundamentalists and other religious conservatives have fought against public education since the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1954 decision in Brown v. Board of Education,” Butler continued, framing this far-right, Christian “war” against public schools in a racial light.

She asserted, “The prospect of integrated schools led to the creation of many ‘segregation academies,’ private schools designed to keep African American children and undesirable immigrant groups away from white children. But there was another, more insidious way to circumvent integration: homeschooling.”

And, as usual, the moonbat is wrong. Yes, there were a few parents who didn’t want integration, but those were not that common. These days, it isn’t even crossing parents minds. All they want is the best education possible for their children and they don’t see that happening in the garbage dumps that are today’s public schools. But hey, when has a racist progressive ever let the facts interfere with their propaganda?

Butler linked these supposed racist roots to the modern era of homeschooling by way of a 1960s homeschooling pioneer, claiming, “One of the main purveyors of homeschooling was a fundamentalist, Rousas Rushdoony, whose work beginning in the 1960s in establishing Christian day schools grew into the homeschooling movement.”

In addition to being part of this early “insidious way to circumvent integration,” she added that Rushdoony “saw homeschooling as a way to cut the government out of educating Christian children and to prepare them to take their place in a theocratic government.”

Does this moron understand that this was all done more than 50 years ago? There have been significant changes, and I doubt that most homeschooling parents even know who this guy is.

She wrote, “Crazy or not, homeschooling materials inspired by Rushdoony’s theology are on sale today to parents who homeschool in America, and many of those materials reached parents during the pandemic.”

Yes? So what? Have you bothered to actually review them? Just what do they say? Are they straight textbooks? Are they manuals to help parents teach their children? We need some details here!

Butler then referred back to Cameron, asserting, “Cameron’s documentary promoting homeschooling is not an aberration; it is part of a larger project about dismantling the public education system in the United States.”

And this is a problem…why?

“This dismantling has taken shape over the years in various ways: in segregation academies, in school vouchers, in attempts to dismantle the U.S. Department of Education,” she said. 

Obviously, I haven’t been in school in <Censored by the DHS Bureau of Misinformation> years, however I don’t know of any private schools that keep people out because of their skin color. Now there are some that are religion based. (I spent some time in a Catholic School and have the ruler scars on my knuckles to prove it) I have a vague memory of some kids who were black attending. I guess they were Catholics.

“Cameron’s documentary furthers the long-term goal of America’s religious conservatives to dismantle the public school system by promoting homeschooling,” she added, and also mentioned that homeschooling did expand during the pandemic “among parents who wanted to make sure their children kept up academically and avoided the coronavirus.”

Well of COURSE Home Schooling expanded during the Panicdemic. Those who relied solely on the joke that was “Remote Teaching” soon discovered that it was all but useless. Recent test scores have validated this, which is one reason parents have been verbally blasting the school district administrations.

Butler pointed out that indeed people “are now finding homeschooling as an attractive alternative” including “Black parents and other diverse groups.” Though, “some parents have expressed frustration with conservative Christian materials for homeschooling, which drive the current marketplace.”

Oh we can’t have black parents teaching their own children! Why, they might grow up with the ability to think on their own and see the Democrat party of what it is. A group run by white progressive racists who think that all minorities, and most whites, are their property and should just do as they’re told by the Progressive Plantation Owners Ruling Elite.

Butler concluded her piece acknowledging that homeschooling has a “greater appeal now” but that people need to watch out about getting roped into “Christian conservative networks.”

“Homeschooling may have greater appeal now … but parents unfamiliar with the existing networks of homeschooling run the danger of being drawn into Christian conservative networks and theocratic teaching,” she warned, and added that homeschool supporters like Cameron might destroy public school altogether. 

“Cameron’s [sic] says that people choosing homeschooling are having an awakening, but the public needs to awaken to the reality that public schools may disappear if people with his extreme beliefs have their way,” she claimed.

Public schools as they currently exit do need to go away. They teach to the lowest common denominator. They are more concerned with “Participation” trophies and sexually grooming 10 year old children then teaching things like American history, math and reading. However, there is no “Conspiracy” to create an Iranian style theocracy in this country. It can’t happen for any number of reasons to numerous to go into here.

What is happening is a “Wakening,” (as opposed to getting “Woke”), regarding education in this country. Where parents were generally ok with Teacher’s unions in the past, today, thanks to the moonbats running them, most parents consider the unions to be a direct threat to their children. We’re constantly being bombarded with stories of teachers, both men and women, who sexually abuse the students they’re supposed to be protecting and educating.

I think it will take some time, probably a generation, but I believe that the current public school structure will go away and something else will rise up in it’s place. This will spell the end of the “Professional Educational Elites” in America. They see it coming and this is why people like Anthea Butler resort to lies and flat out bigotry. If the parents win, the Progressives flat out lose.

This is one reason they tried to get the DoJ to declare parents who opposed them to be Domestic Terrorists. In the end, the Parents will win. They have biology, genetics and instinct on their side. They will do what they see is best for their children and that isn’t letting a bunch of Progressive Liberal perverts do what they want to the next generation. It’s time for the Progressives to stop calling anyone who disagrees with their world view racists. No one is listening to them.


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