Happy Thanksgiving 2022

Good day all. Today is Thanksgiving, and while there may not be a lot to give thanks for, most of us still have jobs, a roof over our heads and food, despite the best efforts of the Democrat Party. Now that we have the politics out of the way, here is some advice from a few experts on the preparation of the main ingredient for a proper Thanksgiving dinner.

The first thing you need to know is what take out restaurants will be open on Thanksgiving. Why do you need this information you ask? It’s called being “Prepared.” Now, the first thing you must know is that you never, EVER take tips for cooking a turkey from Day by Day’s Samantha Owens.

Now there is an actual chef who has a video on how to cook a turkey.

Mmm, yeah. Well, if you must go that route, there is always…

Ugh. I think I’ll starve well, there is always going for Chinese takeout.

Have a great thanksgiving one and all.


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