FBI director Wray demands renewal of his spying on Americans power

Good day all. One of the major things to come from the Trump Administration was how the FBI flat out lied to get FISA warrants to spy on President Trump and anyone associated with him.

Because of the abuses by the DoJ and FBI regarding FISA, a call to reform or cancel the whole thing has been growing and has crossed the political aisle. Christopher Wray doesn’t want it reformed whoever, he likes it just the way it is and wants it renewed. Here are the details from the American Spectator:

FBI Director Christopher Wray is pushing to renew a major spy program.

An unlikely alliance of right- and left-wingers in Congress has pushed this year to overhaul Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, a provision that allows the government to spy on the emails and electronic communications of foreigners living abroad. The provision has come under harsh criticism due to the revelation that the FBI misused data collected under the provision to spy on Americans. Despite criticism, the Biden administration has made it a top priority to renew the provision, arguing that it is essential for national security.

What it’s actually essential for is protecting the Biden Crime Family and the Democrat Party from anyone who poses a threat to them.

On Thursday, Wray joined the fray, giving his support to the Biden administration’s argument that Section 702 is highly important to national security.

702 authority is vital, absolutely vital — not important, not nice-to-have — vital,” he said at a “Spy Chat” event at the International Spy Museum, Politico reported. Letting it expire, “would, in my view, be an act of unilateral disarmament in the face of the Chinese Communist Party,” he added.

The NSA is quite capable of electronic intercepts of ChiCom communications. That’s their job after all. What you want it for is to spy on American Citizens because they created a meme about you that you didn’t like.

He also criticized members of Congress who took issue with the FBI’s past snooping on Americans under different powers, arguing that Section 702 is a “totally different authority.”

That is sort of correct. They had no authority, so they just lied on the FISA warrants. The morons in black robes didn’t bother to do their due diligence and let the American STASI tear up the 4th Amendment. (That reminds me, is Govno Michelle Lujan Grisham a former DoJ or FBI employee? Her recent comments and suspension of the Constitution sound like something that Wray, Garland and Biden are all in favor of)

Despite Wray’s claim, it has been documented that the FBI used Section 702 to spy on Americans, including a senator, a state lawmaker, and a state judge, court records revealed in July.

And this is why many members of Congress, both Republican and Communist Democrat are demanding that the FISA act either be allowed to die or that it be completely revamped to insure the abuses by the FBI are stopped.

Section 702 is due to expire on Dec. 31, with lawmakers set to vote on its renewal. The coalition opposing it has run into trouble in recent months as the aims of reforms differ between members.

I have little doubt that the RINO’s, Democrats, Globalists and Deep State Uniparty Statists will renew this piece of crap. I also have no doubt that the FBI will abuse it again as they always do. There is a reason that a majority of the American people now see the FBI as an actual threat and want the agency disbanded. If Congress wants to “save” the FBI, then they need to fix the mess they’ve created.


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