More evidence coming out that Merrick Garland misled congress

Good day all. Since Dementia Joe was installed into the Oval Office the first order of business was to “Get Trump!” The second order of business was to “Protect the Bidens!” Since his confirmation as Attorney General, Merrick Garland has been doing just that.

With the collapse of the Sweetheart Deal for the Biden Crime Family’s senior bagman, Hunter “Hoovernose” Biden, there have been a number of very pointed questions asked by the House Oversight Committees regarding just how much control that David Weiss actually had. Now a Freedom of Information Act request has found, or not found, any documentation backing up the claim that Garland gave Weiss full authority. Here are the details from the Federalist:

Emails obtained by the Heritage Foundation following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, and shared exclusively with The Federalist, reveal a glaring gap in the documentation maintained by the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office: There is nothing memorializing the authority Attorney General Merrick Garland claims he gave U.S. Attorney David Weiss for the Hunter Biden investigation. 

For more than a year, Garland represented to Congress that Weiss held ultimate authority over the Hunter Biden investigation — which the eventual appointment of Weiss as special counsel contradicted. But now there is more evidence — or rather a lack of evidence — indicating the claimed authority was always a charade. 

This is why both Garland and Weiss need to be dragged up in front of the oversight committees and asked some very pointed questions, and when/if they lie under oath, demand that a special prosecutor,a real one this time, be brought in for Hoovernose’s case and a second one to investigate Garland’s perjury and contempt of Congress.

The Friday before the long holiday weekend, the DOJ provided the Heritage Foundation with the second batch of documents it was ordered by a federal court to produce in response to Heritage’s FOIA lawsuit. This installment concluded the DOJ’s production of the non-exempt documents in Weiss’s custody which concerned his authority for investigating Hunter Biden. But none of the documents produced addressed Weiss’s authority or any authority promised by Garland.

Mike Howell, the director of the Heritage Oversight Project and a co-plaintiff in the FOIA lawsuit against the DOJ, stressed the significance of this omission to The Federalist. 

The DOJ lives on paper.” Anything as important as granting Weiss ultimate authority over an investigation or promising to give him authority to bring charges in another venue, if necessary, “would have been written down,” Howell explained. To Howell, this last batch of documents constitutes an admission by Garland that “there was nothing written down at the DOJ and sent to Weiss, indicating Weiss had any of the authority that Garland claimed he did.”

We’re beginning to understand why Biden’s DOJ is throwing everything and the kitchen sink at us to fight the release of these records in federal court, all paid for by the taxpayers of course,” Howell told The Federalist.

Yes, the last thing the Biden maladministration and the Garland Do(I)J wants is proof of their lies actually getting out into the world and more importantly, Congress. Right now, the Democrats are doing what they always do. Circling the wagons to protect one of their own. They’ve also issued orders to their propaganda corps, the so called Main Stream Media, to begin their cover up procedures and bury any story that shows what a pack of liars and criminals the Democrats are. Oh yes, and be sure to blame it all on President Trump.

While the DOJ withheld some documents from the production, claiming various exemptions from FOIA, it is difficult to fathom what FOIA exemption would permit the DOJ to withhold a communication granting Weiss the authority Garland publicly discussed on multiple occasions.

Not it isn’t. It actually makes sense. Garland didn’t provide the alleged authority, so of course, nothing was written down. You can’t provide documents if they never existed.

When asked why Garland had not memorialized his supposed grant of ultimate authority to Weiss, the DOJ did not respond to The Federalist’s inquiry.

What could they say? “Why yes, Attorney General Garland lied under oath to Congress about granting Weiss this authority.” Even the Democrats would have to take a hard look at that one.

The lack of any materials documenting such authority raises more questions about the statements both Garland and Weiss made to Congress. As far back as April 26, 2022, the attorney general told Tennessee Sen. Bill Hagerty that the “Hunter Biden’s investigation … is being run by and supervised by the United States attorney for the District of Delaware,” and that Weiss “is in charge of that investigation.”

This is where Garland has basically shown that he is a corrupt lying scumbag. He has testified in front of Congress, under oath, that Weiss had full authority.

Then on March 1, 2023, Garland unequivocally testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, in response to questioning by Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, that “the U.S. attorney in Delaware has been advised that he has full authority … to bring cases in other jurisdictions if he feels it’s necessary.” 

The problem with this, besides the complete lack of documentation supporting this claim, was the “Sweetheart Deal” for Hoovernose Biden that would have basically broomed all the charges and granted him blanket immunity to any further charges.

Of course, after the sweetheart plea deal — footsied out between one of Weiss’s top assistant U.S. attorneys, Lesley Wolf, and Hunter’s attorneys — imploded, Garland named Weiss special counsel. So the federal prosecutor now has the requisite authority to charge the president’s son in whatever district he wants. 

And that brings up another problem for Garland and Weiss. Garland appointed Weiss, who is now seen to be even more corrupt then Al Capone, as a special counsel. The problem here, among many, is that a special counsel is supposed to be brought in from outside the government. Appointing Weiss is probably illegal and definitely unethical. Of course, ethics is not something that is a concern of the Garland DoJ or the Biden Maladministration.

Now the question is, what next? The House can pretty much prove that Garland and Weiss lied under oath. The House can refer them to the DoJ for prosecution. Care to guess who will approve that request? If you said Merrick Garland, you would be right. Any referral for prosecuting Garland and/or Weiss will be files in the appropriate system.

It may take the next Republican president, with a Republican congress to finally clean out the DoJ. Thanks to the Democrats, they have so corrupted the organization, it’s going to take mass firings and bringing in new people with no connection to the old guard. I have no doubt that many of the candidates other than the Greatest President of the 21st Century, Donald Trump will do just that, starting with Mike Pence.


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