RINO attempt to impeach Texas AG Paxton FAILS

Good day all. Texas has been going through an impeachment of their attorney general, Ken Paxton. Several months ago, the Texas House of Representatives basically railroaded Paxton and forced him temporarily out of office until the trial was held in the Texas Senate.

The trial was held in the Senate and yesterday, (Saturday September 16th), acquitted Ken Paxton of all charges. Here are some of the details from Fox News:

The Texas Senate has acquitted state Attorney General Ken Paxton of all impeachment articles filed against him for corruption and unfitness for office.

Though there is bipartisan support for impeachment, votes to convict on each charge did not clear the 21-vote threshold. Republican Sens. Robert Nichols and Kelly Hancock joined all 12 Democrats to vote in favor of conviction on several charges. 

It’s not a surprise that the Democrats all voted in lockstep to convict Ken Paxton. The two Republicans? I have a suspicion that they will be facing primary challengers in the next election. With the vote to acquit, Ken Paxton is now back on the job.

“Today, the truth prevailed. The truth could not be buried by mudslinging politicians or their powerful benefactors,” Paxton said in a statement thanking his supporters after the verdict was delivered. 

One of those supporters is the Greatest President of the 21st Century, Donald Trump, another person who knows about a political indictment.

“The sham impeachment coordinated by the Biden Administration with liberal House Speaker Dade Phelan and his kangaroo court has cost taxpayers millions of dollars, disrupted the work of the Office of Attorney General and left a dark and permanent stain on the Texas House,” Paxton said, calling the “weaponization” of impeachment “immoral and corrupt.” 

Interestingly, I’ve been hearing from other sources that it wasn’t so much the Biden maladministration as the Bush people who went after Paxton. I wouldn’t be surprised if both were involved.

“Now that this shameful process is over, my work to defend our constitutional rights will resume. Thank you to everyone who has stood with us during this time,” he added. 

I suspect a little judicial revenge will be in order as well. Do I think that as Attorney general, Ken Paxton might go after some of the representatives, especially in the leadership? Of course not.

Paxton faced accusations that he misused his political power to help the real estate developer Nate Paul. Paxton’s opponents have argued that the attorney general accepted a bribe by hiring Paul.

“If we don’t keep public officials from abusing the powers of their office, then frankly no one can,” Republican state Rep. Andrew Murr, one of the impeachment managers in the Texas House, said during closing arguments. 

I’ve heard reports about this allegation, but I don’t have any real information, one way or the other. I would have thought that if this were true, it wold have already been handled. Considering a lot of things I’ve been reading since the acquittal yesterday, it is looking like this was meant to be a flat out railroading of Ken Paxton.

Paxton’s lawyers have cast the impeachment effort as a ploy by establishment Republicans to remove a proven conservative from office, pointing to Paxton’s long record of challenging Democratic presidential administrations in high profile court cases that have won him acclaim from former President Donald Trump and conservative hardliners.

“I would suggest to you this is a political witch hunt,” Paxton attorney Tony Buzbee said. “I would suggest to you that this trial has displayed, for the country to see, a partisan fight within the Republican Party.”

That would be the Bush GOP(e) wing of the Party. History is not treating George Walker Bush, the 43rd President of the United States to kindly these days. His transnational globalist agenda did a lot of damage to the economic well being of the United States, and his botching of Afghanistan, the uncalled for invasion of Iraq and the botching of the occupation eventually led to people like Ken Paxton and Donald Trump.

Some of the people who sat through all this let fly at the House Impeachment and the waste of time and resources. Here are some of those details from Newsmax:

After closing the impeachment proceedings, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, a Republican who as president of the Senate presided over the trial, criticized the entire process as a rush job that lacked transparency.

“Millions of taxpayers dollars have been wasted on this impeachment,” Patrick said.

“Our founders expected better. It should have never happened this year, and hopefully it doesn’t again.”

I suspect that round 2 is coming up, especially with trash likes this walking turd’s Democrats remarks.

Senator Roland Gutierrez, a Democrat who voted to convict Paxton, said that “a broken and corrupt system allowed Ken Paxton to abuse the powers of his office” and that “Texas Republicans decided that the corruption and lies of people like Ken Paxton … are fine by them.”

I did a quick look up on Roland Gutierrez. He represents the People’s Republic of San Antonio, which is one of the few Blue cities in Texas. (And is in the process of imploding, much as Democrat controlled cities tend to do)

The trial exposed rifts in the Texas Republican Party between the social conservatives, who have held sway for the past decade and back Paxton, and the traditional conservatives, who say his actions have brought shame on the party and the state. Paxton was overwhelmingly impeached by the Republican-dominated Texas House in May.

This is where things are going to get interesting in the next state election. The so called “Traditional Conservatives” are nothing of the sort. They’re generally Neocon country club RINO’s and TransRepublicans. These are the Bush Republicans and go back to George H.W. Bush who, once he was elected to be the Third term of Ronald Reagan, promptly started undoing all of good work done by the Greatest President of the 20th Century.

The new Republican base is made up of people who happily identify themselves as Ultra MAGA deplorables who support the Greatest President of the 21st Century, Donald Trump. (They also supported Ronald Reagan when he was in office) These people have been shafted time and time again by the Establishment RINO’s and they have had it.

Ken Paxton is one of the people who have been tearing apart the Deep State and this was an attempt by the Deep State to destroy him. I suspect “Deplorables” are going to go after all of the “Republicans” who tried to railroad Paxton. It will be interesting to see who challenges these Neocon RINO’s. Congratulations to Attorney General Paxton. Now get back to work and annoy the living Hell out of the Biden Maladministration. (And make sure all your revenge plans are within the law and constitution with hard evidence)


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