Jerry Brown shows he is a closet totalitarian

If you are one of the many people with a cell phone, (And frankly almost everyone does), you should be aware that in California, your 4th amendment rights have just been canceled by Governor Jerry Brown.

Brown, who was governor in 1975-1983 and help set California on the path to complete failure, was elected again after Arnold Schwarzenegger left office. Brown was known back in the day as Governor Moonbeam1 for his off the wall politics and stupidity. He gave California the Bird Court, who’s decisions so enraged people that Judge Rose Bird and several others were voted off the state supreme court2.

Recently, another decision came down that gives police the privilege to search people’s cell phones without a warrant. This went through the normal legal process and the state Supreme Court said “Nope, no need to worry about that pesky 4th Amendment thingy. Search Away!”

For once the state legislature got it right and voted a bill through reaffirming the constitutional right to be secure in your home, papers and possessions. The bill passed unanimously in the Assembly and 32-4 in the State Senate. (I would love to know who those 4 are)

Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown veto’s the bill with the following excuse:

“The courts are better suited to resolve the complex and case-specific issues relating to constitutional search-and-seizure protections,” the governor wrote.

Brown is a typical hardcore left wing slug. He is one of the elitists who think people don’t have rights, they have privileges. This statement by him shows what an utter and complete moonbat he is and has always been.

I”m not the only one who is upset by Comrade Governor Moonbat’s complete failure to uphold the Constitution.

From Wired.Com:

Brown’s veto message abdicated responsibility for protecting the rights of Californians and ignored calls from civil liberties groups and this publication to sign the bill — saying only that the issue is too complicated for him to make a decision about. He cites a recent California Supreme Court decision upholding the warrantless searches of people incident to an arrest. In his brief message, he also doesn’t say whether it’s a good idea or not.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, the California Supreme Court is not one of the better courts in the land.

The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), was flummoxed by Brown’s action. “It was a curious veto message suggesting that the courts could resolve this more effectively than the state Legislature,” he said in a telephone interview.

Governor Moonbat’s reasoning is simple. He believes in the power of the state over the rights of the individual. The courts of late, particularly the more liberal ones, have been usurping the rights of the people in favor of the state. This is dead opposite of what the constitution was meant to be.

According to the article. under California statehouse rules, neither Leno nor any other lawmaker may introduce the legislation for at least a year. Now this confuses me. Can’t the legislature override the veto?

Now why did Governor Totalitarian Moonbat veto this bill?

Brown’s veto also shores up support with police unions and the Peace Officers Research Association of California, a police union that opposed the legislation and recently donated $38,900 to Brown’s campaign coffers. “Restricting the authority of a peace officer to search an arrestee unduly restricts their ability to apply the law, fight crime, discover evidence valuable to an investigation and protect the citizens of California,” the association said in a message.

That support would be key if Brown decides to seek a second term.


Brown doesn’t give a damn about anyone or anything. He’s sucking up to the unions, the same unions that have driven the state to the point of collapse. As usual, he, like moonbats everywhere, either can’t or won’t understand that people have had it.

Citizens of this country are coming to realize that they won’t get a fair shake, that the political class has been working for decades to reduce Americans to slaves. They also fail to understand that people have had enough.

California has only a few years left before it goes under. There are a huge number of scenarios on what that could mean, none of them good. Under the best case scenario, California’s statehood is revoked, It becomes a territory and a governor is appointed to clean up the mess. When it’s allowed to regain statehood, it California may find its self broken up into several smaller states.

Worst case scenario?

Think Lebanon in the 70’s and 80’s.

Come on Californians, overturn this garbage, get rid of Governor Moonbat and recall the supreme court. You’ve done it before.


~The Angry Webmaster~


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  1. How Jerry Brown Became ‘Governor Moonbeam’ []
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    Jerry Brown shows he is a closet totalitarian – #angercentralarchives

  • angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)

    Jerry Brown shows he is a closet totalitarian – #angercentralarchives

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    New blog post: Jerry Brown shows he is a closet totalitarian

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