OWS protestors are just diseased, violent thugs

Greetings all, Angry Webmaster here with a short roundup of the goings on with the thugs, morons and filth known as the Occupy Whatever protest. It looks like today’s news is just chock full of fun from the 1 1/1000th of 1 percent of people.

At the original site, Occupy Wall Street, The fun and games continue. From NBC Yew York:

Man Arrested for Breaking EMT’s Leg at Occupy Wall Street

A man has been arrested for allegedly attacking a paramedic and breaking his leg at the Occupy Wall Street site Wednesday night.

I’m sure it was just an accident, after all these are peaceful protestors.

Police say paramedics were called to Zuccotti Park for a man who was acting irrationally.

Sounds like someone was snorting a white powdery substance while banging on his drum.

When they arrived, the man in question appeared to be in emotional distress and police decided he needed to be taken to the hospital. But he refused to be placed in the ambulance and pushed one of the EMTs into a ladder, fracturing the EMT’s leg.

The man is being charged with assault.

Hopefully this clown will suffer a few falls in the shower when the local constabulary hoses down this “Credit to Liberalism.” I wonder if Mayor Bloomberg has finally come to understand that these punks need to be washed into the East River.

Earlier in the day, Mayor Bloomberg defended the protesters as law-abiding folks who keep to themselves and don’t cause trouble.

And that would be a big NO from Mayor Moron.

“I will say, in all fairness to the people down there, we watch very carefully, they generally do not break the law,” Bloomberg said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program Wednesday.

“When they protest, they march in a line, they stay on the sidewalks, they follow the direction of the police, they exercise their First Amendment rights… And we haven’t seen the kinds of things you see in other cities where people are running through the streets destroying commerce and reputation,” he said.

“If you go one block away from this park, you would never know it exists,” he went on. “It’s just literally — in any direction, one block away — there’s just nothing.”

I’m sure this was just an isolated incident and that these enthusiastic youths aren’t causing any real problems.

Ummm No.  From the Burlington Free Press:

Police respond to apparent shooting in City Hall Park, scene of Occupy Burlington

Police say a 35-year-old man is in grave condition after an apparent shooting in City Hall Park, the scene of the Occupy Burlington encampment. Police said it will be several hours before they know more, but did say there is no danger to the public. Police said they have recovered the weapon.

A motionless man was removed from a green tent where blood was evident. About a half dozen police cars were at the scene at about 2:20 p.m.

Guns? How can there be guns at an Occupy Whatever event? These people hate guns and think only Islamic Terrorists should have them.

Multiple people in the Occupy Burlington camp including Tod Lacroix said they understand the shooting was self-inflicted.

Oh the poor dear. I wonder what happened? Did that job he always wanted actually come through, and now he would have to do real work?

Police said they were trying to get a warrant to go in to the tent where the shooting apparently happened.

“When you have a discharge of a firearm in a place like this there’s good cause to be gravely concerned,” Higbee said.

I think they should have plenty of probable cause here, but this IS Vermont, better known as San Francisco East. They have plenty of Judges who have to be led in from the rain otherwise they would look up with their mouths open and drown themselves.

Well, at least the rest of the Occupy Whatevers are in good health.

Umm, I don’t think so Tim.

From CBS Atlanta:

Tuberculosis Breaks Out At Occupy Atlanta’s Base

The home base for Occupy Atlanta has tested positive for tuberculosis.

The Fulton County Health Department confirmed Wednesday that residents at the homeless shelter where protesters have been occupying have contracted the drug-resistant disease. WGCL reports that a health department spokeswoman said there is a possibility that both Occupy Atlanta protesters and the homeless people in the shelter may still be at risk since tuberculosis is contracted through air contact.

Oh this is just WONDERFUL! TB can spread rapidly in an environment such as these pigsty’s these filthy slugs call Protest Camps. Some of the strains out there are resistant to antibiotics. This nonsense has gone on long enough. These worthless little thugs have become a threat to the general population. Their little “camps” are filthy, violent and now you can add disease ridden to the list. What’s next, Cholera?

If you’re in a city with one of these pig sty’s, call your city government and start complaining loudly. This has gone far beyond free speech and these Typhoid Mary’s need to be hosed down with a very strong disinfectant and sent home to Mommy’s basement.


~The Angry Webmaster~


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