House Catamite to retire


Good evening all, Angry Webmaster here doing a bit of a happy dance. The chief Catamite1 of the house of representatives announced that he is retiring and will not seek reelection.

Now you might not know what I mean by House catamite. I’m talking about Barney Frank, one of the most corrupt, immoral, slimy creatures ever to inhabit the swamps of Washington DC. Barney Frank, or as he was once called by former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey, “Barney Fag” announced today that due to the changes in his district2, that he will not seek reelection in 2012.

This disgrace to the body politic almost single handily caused the virtual collapse of the housing market and is directly responsible for the massive problems with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack. Back in the early 2000’s, the Bush administration along with others in Congress started to see some major problems on the horizon regarding the two mortgage giants. Frank and others refused to do anything and flat out denied there were any problems. If they had accepted there were issues, the economic problems the United States and the world are experiencing now may never have happened or had been far less disastrous. For more on how Frank and others helped wreck Fannie Mae, please read: Barney Frank and Chuck Schumer’s Role the Fannie Mae Failure.

Of course there was Frank’s personal predilections. Barney Frank was an outspoken homosexual, almost to the point of satire, right down to a lisp. His “boyfriends” have been one public relatiosn disaster after another. First their was the male prostitute running a brothel out of Frank’s Washington Apartment3, Getting another “boyfriend a job at Fannie Mae, a clear case of conflict of interest4, and recently, his latest fudge packing “friend” was growing pot.5

Politically, Barney Frank was “Of the left.” In other words he’s a screaming big government socialist who is a total narcissist and only cared about his own personal power and comfort. He actively aided our enemies and did everything he could to weaken and cripple the United States. Frank, who has been reelected by some of the stupidest voters in America, (Well it IS Massachusetts after all) held his own constituents in utter contempt. His view of them could be summed up thus: “Vote for me you moron and then don’t bother me.”

In the recent election, (2010), Frank had a real scare. He had the narrowest victory in years against a former Marine who wasn’t one of the typical Massachusetts nutjubs the Republicans have been running there in recent years. Frank actually had to go out and do some campaigning and had to spend some of his own money! *Shock!* *Horror!* Like most Liberals, Frank loves spending other people’s money, but throws how own pennies around like they’re manhole covers.

With the recent census and the fact that Massachusetts had lost a congressional seat, Frank’s district was altered and the moonbat sections were replaced by more conservative towns. (Conservative is relative of course. This IS Massachusetts) Between the probability that the Democrats will lose even more seats next year, the changes in the make up of his district and the possibility that the next congress might actually start investigating the causes of the economic collapse, Bawney Fwank decided that the only running he should be doing is for the border. (Ok, that isn’t completely true. Frank hasn’t said anything about retiring to a place outside the United States that has no extradition treaty with us)

No, all I will say is good riddance to that lying, utterly corrupt, scheming, slimy pervert.


~The Angry Webmaster~


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  • angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)

    House Catamite to retire – #angercentralarchives

  • angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)

    House Catamite to retire – #angercentralarchives

  • angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)

    House Catamite to retire – #angercentralarchives

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  • John Wagner

    Manhole cover hmmmm…  Would that be underware or a buttplug?  Just sayin’…


  • Madoc Pope


    There’s lots of things to damn Barney Frank for – but going after him for being gay is not one of them.  And nor does it help your case by doing so.  The man is corrupt on many a level.  Implying that his homosexuality is part of that corruption misses the point.  There are ample other heterosexual Congresscritters who are just as corrupt if not more so.  Frank’s partner in the whole mortgage mess, Chris Dodd, isn’t gay and yet is at least as bad as Frank when it comes to corruption and abuse of the public’s trust.

    So, drop the gay bashing stuff and stick to his actual failings.  Lord knows there’s enough of them to go ’round.


    • Angry Webmaster

      Possibly, possibly, but Barney Frank offends me on an instinctive level.
      Blarney Frank is just one of those who pushes all my anti-homosexual buttons. Normally I’m of the “Don’t wave it in front of me and I don’t care” group.

      I probably should have dug into his criminal behaviors as an alleged “Representative of the People”, but I was in a bit of a hurry. Frank/Dodd is a disaster that is in the process of happening, and while digging around I found a number of videos of Frank lying through his teeth about his involvement in the economic collapse.

      IMHO one of the reasons he hasn’t been kicked out of office and jailed is his “Special” status.

      Well the good news is, one more year of that corrupt tub of lard and he is gonzo. :)

      • Angry Webmaster

        Another thing I forgot to mention. (Shame on me for forgetting such an inviting target) Maxine Waters is slated to replace Frank on the Banking Committee.

        Not only is she even more corrupt than Frank is, (If that’s possible), she is dumber than a box of hammers.

    • John Wagner

      I don’t see it as gay bashing.  Personally, I am of the opinion that you can screw who/what you want (so long as it’s consensual), but Blarney is just so stupid about it.  A gay brothel out of his apt?  Come on!  I’d poke fun at a hetero politician for doing the same thing.  It’s soooo stupid!  Then he gets the free pass because of a) democrat and b) gay.
      He’s a public figure, ‘gay bashing’, politics bashing, individual bashing is allowed, for now.  Wait a few more months, then it will all be ‘hate’ crimes subject to unconstitutional arrest as terrorists by the military (Senate Bill 1867, titled the National Defense Authorization Act, NDAA).

      • Madoc Pope


        “Bashing?”  No, perhaps not at that level.  But, “Catamite?”  Come on!

        Thing is, even if you are anti-homosexuality, including that in a description about Barney Frank will overwrite all the other objections to him.  And thus, those other objections – those about his horrendous corruption, his appalling legislation record, his devastating effect on the housing market, and his complicity in our economic collapse – won’t come through. 

        Most other folk will simply tune it out once they get to the point of “Oh, another homophobic bigot…” and conclude that such “bigotry” is _all_ that the objections are based on.

        Yes, Frank’s ethical void when it comes to his boyfriend’s _is_ worth commenting on.  The prostitution, the nepotism, and the pot growing (really?) are something which can and _should_ damn anyone – gay or straight.

        Besides, at almost seventy two years of age, Barney Frank is no Catamite

        “A catamite (Latin catamitus) was a handsome youth kept as a sexual companion in ancient Rome, usually in a pederastic relationship.”


        • Angry Webmaster

          Yeah, you are probably right about my using the term “Catamite” but I wasn’t using it for the original sense of the word, but the generic.

          Another thing is, Barney wasn’t the only “Gay” congressman from Massachusetts. There was also Gerry Studds. He was as bad if not worse in his personal life than Frank was. At least Barney Frank only went with consenting adults. He didn’t ply underage congressional pages with booze and then molest them.

          I’m also fully aware that there have been other members of congress who are gay who served honorably, some of them republicans. I can’t remember any of them which means they didn’t pull the stunts Frank and Studds did.

          Anyway, we have a nice and polite discussion here. Agree or disagree, this is the way to do it. :)
          (Please note I tend to avoid the “7 words you can’t say on television” when writing. Falling back on that typoe of language in my opinion, shows a small mind and a lack of language skills)

          • Madoc Pope


            The morality and ethical qualities of far, far too many Congresscritters is severely lacking.  Making an issue of their sexuality however, will allow others to focus on only that and thus put you on the defensive when trying to bring up their other failings.  And failings there are aplenty when it comes to Barney Frank.  Far too aplenty.

          • Angry Webmaster

            I may have gone to far, but Frank:

            A) Pushes ALL my buttons
            B) Is a general all around slimeball

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  • VonZorch Imperial Researcher

    (Ok, that isn’t completely true. Frank hasn’t said anything about retiring to a place outside the United States that has no extradition treaty with us)

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