Passers-By save children in car crash

Good day all and Happy New Year. In a change of pace, I thought it would be good to start off the new year with something positive. In this case, how about a group of complete strangers who dove into an icy river and rescued children trapped in a car?

In this case, a car went of a road and ended up in the Logan River, upside down.

From Fox News:

Former police officer Chris Willden didn’t hesitate when he realized children were trapped in an upside down car in an icy Utah river. He pulled his handgun, pushed it up against the submerged windows and shot out the glass.

An aside here. Please note that Mr. Willden used a gun to blow out a window. I’m sure he would have preferred to use a hammer or a glass punch, but realistically, how many people have glass punches on them or a hammer easily accessible? He was lawfully exercising his Second Amendment rights and in this case used his pistol to save lives. I wonder what the Gun Controllers have to say about this?

To continue:

“I was trying to grab arms, but I couldn’t feel anything,” Willden said. “I’m thinking … what are we going to do?”‘

But he turned to see up to eight other passers-by had scrambled down the embankment to help after coming upon the accident along U.S. 89 in Logan Canyon on Saturday afternoon.

None of this “Well, we’ll let the police and fire department save the people in that car. It’s none of our business” garbage from these fine upstanding citizens.

According to the report, these people lifted the car enough so that someone could get in and cut the seat belts and free the children trapped inside.

Now you might be asking, how did this happen in the first place?

The driver, Roger Andersen, 46, of Logan, had lost control of the car as he tried to brake while heading northbound in slippery conditions. His 9-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son were trapped along with a second 9-year-old girl.

“(The driver) was panicked, doing everything he could to get in through the doors, but they wouldn’t budge,” said Willden, who had jumped into the water with his own father.

I can understand Mr. Andersen’s panic. He wasn’t expecting an accident and his two children along with a third he was responsible for were trapped and in extreme danger. Of course, he did the correct thing by staying in place and trying to do everything he could to save them, unlike a certain now deceased Massachusetts senator.1 That river was freezing cold and I have no doubt Mr. Andersen was ready to freeze to death if he could only save the children.

Once Mr. Willden got into the car, he was afraid all he was going to find were dead children.

More from Fox News:

One of the girls had found an air pocket and was breathing fine but was trapped in her seat belt. Willden cut it with a pocket knife and pulled her from the rear passenger window.

He said the other two children were lifeless, the boy upside down in his car seat and the second girl floating in the front passenger compartment. Both were pulled from the vehicle.

Buzzy Mullahkel of North Logan told the Deseret News of Salt Lake City that the boy wasn’t breathing and didn’t have a pulse but was revived when another passer-by performed CPR.

An aside here. In cases where very young children have been pulled from frigid water and haven’t been breathing or have a heart beat, they have been successfully resuscitated and had full recoveries. There appears to be a survival trait thatm for all intents and purposes, puts children in this situation into a form of hibernation. DO NOT RELY ON THIS! If you come across a situation like these people did GET THOSE KIDS OUT AND START EMERGENCY PROCEDURES!

In this case, there was some really excellent news:

“Emotions started taking over when he started to breathe. Everybody started to cheer. Lots of tears and clapping,” said Mullahkel, a father of a 4-year-old.

Willden, 35 of Ogden, was wrapping up his bleeding forearms cut by the broken window when he heard cheers.

“That was awesome,” he said. “I knew that’s where the little boy was.”

Roger Andersen and his daughter both escaped without injury and his son and the other girl were taken to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. They are out of intensive care but remain in the hospital recovering from hypothermia.

Anger Central would like to give Mr. Willden, his father who was also there and all the bystanders who helped a hearty “WELL DONE!”

~The Angry Webmaster~


  1. Chappaquiddick incident []
  • angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)

    Passers-By save children in car crash – #angercentralarchives

  • angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)

    Passers-By save children in car crash – #angercentralarchives

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  • Wildman7316

    As a point of information, a Mini-Mag Light (the kind that uses two AA-Batteries) works quite nicely as a Glass Punch if you hit the glass so that the part of the back of the flashlight that accepts the lanyard hits the glass first.  That’s assuming that you aren’t on the outside and the window is under water, in which case short of an axe or a splitting maul a pistol is your best bet.

    Keith W

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