And so ends the New Hampshire primary

The primary has ended and in a complete lack of surprise, Mittens Obamney won. I would have been shocked if he had lost, considering he was a piss poor governor of Massachusetts.

A lot of former residents of Massachusetts have moved to New Hampshire to escape the taxes down there. We started cleaning up the mess they brought with them in 2010 when we flipped the legislature from Democrat back to Republican.

From what I’ve read, a number of democrat leaning independents pulled ballots for the Republican primary and voted for Mittens. It still should concern the Establishment that Mittens only got something like 39 percent of the vote. The other 61 percent went to the Not Obamney candidates.

The second place winner was Ron Paul. He’s always had a large following of Maple Syrup snorting followers up here. The problem with Ronnie is that he is a nutcase. He does have a lot of good ideas domestically, but is ideas on foreign policy are a guarantee to start a global war.

The third place candidate was John Huntsman. He was Obama’s ambassador to China and has drunk deeply of the Global Warming Kool-Aid. Both he and Crazy Uncle Ronnie will get their heads handed to them in the next few primaries.

After that it was a close one between Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. Rick Perry appears to have just left the starting gate. He received about 1 percent of the vote and was almost beaten by a local who got his name on the ballot.

Gingrich and Perry also lost their minds and attacked Obamney using language more at home with the Occupy Space and Waste Oxygen crowd. They are both pinning their hopes on South Carolina. Frankly I think they will be toast after that one. In nutbar Newt’s case, he won’t be toast. He won’t be burnt toast. He’ll be toast on fire. Perry might do better but he has got to change his tune and stop with the Communist Democrat talking points. After all, Texas is the leader in keeping and creating real jobs during this depression1, in a large part to Perry’s work.

Santorum didn’t do as well in New Hampshire as he did in Iowa, and I’m not that surprised. As I recall I only got a dozen or so Santorum campaign robocalls in the last week or so. Crazy Uncle Ronnie, well he melted my phone lines with all his calls. Santorum may do well down in the south. I’ve heard a lot of things about him, such as that he has the same basic ideas of Government that Bush did. We’ll see. At least he doesn’t appear to have missed his last rabies shot the way Newtie apparently has.

I have no idea how Mittens will do in the south, but I suspect he won’t be doing as well as he thinks. A lot of people I’ve talked to in the echo chamber can’t stand him, and Mittens is now being called “Smarmy.” I have to agree. I’ve watched him operate politically up here and he is a slimy opportunist and a classic North East Establishment RINO.

The latest idea I’ve heard is that the other candidates might pool their convention delegates in order to stop Mittens getting the nomination and cause a floor fight. This would be a brokered convention2, the first one we’ve had in decades for either party. Personally, I like this idea. To begin with it will be very entertaining. Second, all bets are off. In a brokered convention, the Republican Establishment could lose control and none of the candidates might get the nomination. You could see a “Draft Palin”3 movement, Probably a “Call for Jindal”4, or a “Run Rubio” campaign.5

While I like Sarah Palin and do see her as president some day, I could also get behind Jindal/Rubio or Rubio/Jindal. I think any one of the three would utterly destroy Obama and their coattails6 would probably get a few more seats in the house and senate than are expected.

Now if Obamney does win the nomination, well, we are in trouble. If he wins the presidency, I don’t see him as being much of an improvement over Bush. In fact, the one major thing he would be expected to do within the first week of taking office would be to get rid of Obamacare. Considering that Obamacare is based on Mittens Romneycare, I don’t see that happening.

There would also be a good chance the Obamney would lose and we would end up with 4 more years of Obama. Even if the Republicans hold the house and take the senate, Obama has shown that he doesn’t care about the Constitution and limits of office. He will simply rule by decree. If Obama wins, I’m afraid we will see him and his cronies move to institute a full blown dictatorship and the start of an outright civil war. The only way to prevent that would be the Governors developing a spine and basically refusing to accept the bureaucratic decrees handed down by Obama’s thugs.

Now, the fruitcake in this menu is Ron Paul. If this clown were to somehow gain the nomination, he would go down to absolute crushing defeat rivaling Reagan’s massacre of Walter Mondale in 1984 and Nixon’s utter destruction of George McGovern in 1972. Paul would lose all 50 states and he might just cause the house to revert to the democrats. Two more years of Queen Pelosi? I shudder at the thought! More than likely you would see a third party candidate, possibly Rubio or Jindal being drafted to run.

Still, that’s all in the future. Now it’s on to South Carolina.

That is all.

~The Angry Webmaster~

A small update. The emperor of the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler isn’t to thrilled with Mittens win. He also discuses Newtered and Ricky Perry’s decent into using the Democrat talking points against Mittens.


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    And so ends the New Hampshire primary – #angercentralarchives

  • angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)

    And so ends the New Hampshire primary – #angercentralarchives

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