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Good morning, I was admiring the fine writing of Misha 1, Emperor of the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler when I saw this video he posted. The video shows what your typical liberal is saying and thinking, if what passes for electrical activity in that large empty space between their ears can be called “thoughts.”

We’ve all run into this type of course. These people are unable to see anything beyond their own world view and are just as closed minded as any bigot. So, here is the video. I recommend that you swallow any food or beverages in your mouth before watching. In fact you might not want ot watch on a full stomach.

Pretty sad isn’t it? Liberals have no logical arguments for their positions and when hit with reality in the guise of a rational, logical argument they don’t want to hear, they resort to screaming “RACIST!!!” at the top of their lungs.

Of course, if you think about what the average liberal believes in, especially in regards to people of different skin colors, you will observe who the real racists are. They can’t believe that anyone who happens to be of recent African descent can do anything unless “The Great White Liberal Father/Mother gives them special treatment.

Frankly, Liberals don’t believe in equal rights or opportunities. They insist that blacks can’t succeed on their own despite the evidence.1 Liberals will go so far as to accuse successful Americans who happen to be of recent African decent of being racists and Uncle Toms2 simply because they didn’t rely on liberals to help them. In fact, a lot of these people succeeded in SPITE of liberals.

When Herman Cain ran for President, (And I think he would have been a fine president, far superior to the Affirmative Action president we now have), the liberals attacked him every way they could. Why? He succeeded on his own and escaped from the Liberal Democratic plantation.

Liberals also don’t believe in freedom or the rights of others. If you disagree with them, they believe you should be jailed or killed. No dissent allowed in the Liberal Camp. Gee, how tolerant of them.

If you want to cause severe cranial overpressure of a typical liberal, ask them if they have considered what would happen if the people they keep accusing of racism, Nazism, etc. etc. decide they have had enough and start moving against the Liberal herd.

At first they will be confused since they know that the average person is basically law abiding and actually does care about the rights of others. They will probably ask what you mean.

“Well, you have been insulting, attacking, threatening and tormenting the most heavily armed segment of the American population. What will you do if they decide enough is enough and take the guns out of the closets and come after you?”

They will probably say things like the police will protect them or they will fight back. Ask them what makes them think the police will do anything, especially if they are outnumbered by the “Evil Racists?” Considering how you treat the police, they might just go out for coffee and donuts when the “Teabaggers’ show up.

“Well then we will fight them!”

“With what? You believe in gun control so you don’t have any guns.”

At this point they will start suffering brain lock as the overpressure between their ears starts to build. At this point, you move in for the kill, verbally speaking.

“As I said, the people you have been attacking have all the guns, they know how to use them, a fair number are former military and many have seen combat. They will organize into a coherent group with a goal in mind. Liberals? All you do is run around in anarchic mobs. No, if you push to far, and that line is crossed, you will be stomped like the bugs you are.”

Now stand back and watch the liberal head explode. :)

One person who is really good at detonating Liberals is the author Tom Kratman. Mr. Kratman is a retired army colonel and a recovering lawyer. I don’t always agree with what he has to say, but I so do enjoy watching him utterly and completely destroy liberal arguments. He will visit liberal forums where his name or books are mentioned and start replying to commentators.

Since most of the commentators on these forums tend to be of the liberal variety, they immediately move to attack him. This is where you see Tom Kratman’s training as an officer in the United States Army and as an attorney kick in. He will maneuver these morons into a position they can’t retreat from and then call in massive barrages of logic bombs, utterly annihilating their positions. Then he closes in and runs them through with his intellectual bayonet. After that, all you need to do is put a toe tag on his liberal victim’s Birkenstock covered foot and zip him up in a virtual body bag.

Col. Kratman gets banned from a LOT of liberal forums. Since Liberals have no arguments and can’t stand anyone who disagrees with them, they simply stick their fingers in their collectivist ears and say “LALALALALALALALA I can’t hear you!!”

Yep, real adult of them.

I don’t get a lot of comments on this site, but I did have one come in from a liberal. The commentator, one Cortney M, is a typical liberal and promptly resorted to the standard liberal smears. It’s obvious that the troll in question doesn’t know me or my family. However, I didn’t ban him or delete his post. I want people to see how stupid he is. I guess that makes me better than the average liberal. I tolerate dissent where they won’t.


~The Angry Webmaster~


  1. See Herman Cain, Allen West, etc []
  2. See Uncle Tom []
  • angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)

    Stuff liberals say – #angercentralarchives

  • angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)

    Stuff liberals say – #angercentralarchives

  • angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)

    Stuff liberals say – #angercentralarchives

  • Tom Kratman

    The Left’s 20 Rules of Racism:

    1. If you believe that general
    intelligence exists, is heritable and at all testable for, you’re a

    2. If you point out that liberal philosophies and programs
    intended to have a good impact have had a disproportionately bad impact on the
    ethnicities targeted by liberals, you’re a racist.

    3. If you notice that
    other cultures have some problems, you’re a racist.

    4. If you notice your
    own culture has had some successes, you’re a racist.

    5. If you try to
    identify subcultural problems, you’re a racist. If the problems existed or got
    worse under liberalism, see item 2, above.

    6. If you’re mainstream
    American culture, and don’t hate that culture, you’re a racist.

    7. If
    you’re capable of noting unpleasant facts about subcultures and discussing them
    without your brain fogging, you’re a racist.

    8. If you won’t kowtow and
    grovel as soon as someone accuses you of racism for one of the reasons above or
    below, you’re a hopeless racist.

    9. If you do not believe that mankind is
    a tabula rasa for liberals to make
    whatever they think would be good to make of man, this week, you’re a

    10. If you don’t take personal responsibility for all the evils
    of slavery, you’re a racist. This is true even if you only arrived from Poland
    last week.

    11. If you’re white, you’re a racist.

    12. If you’re
    white and just arrived from Poland last week and don’t accept that you’re a
    racist, you’re a racist.

    13. If you try to interject logical thought into
    a discussion of culture, you’re a racist.

    14. If you refuse to admit
    culture is a racial matter, and a liberal wants to conflate the two, you’re a

    15. If you believe that race and culture are indistinguishable
    and a liberal decides that you shouldn’t conflate the two, you’re a

    16. If you believe that black or Hispanic girls who are paid by
    liberal inspired programs from the age of 13 to have babies will have babies,
    you’re a racist.

    17. If you believe that _any_ girls of whatever color
    who are paid to have babies will then have babies but then, insensitively,
    observe that a smaller percentage of white girls do, certainly because they
    haven’t been targeted for as much “help” from liberals, you’re a

    18. If it doesn’t bother you that the truth offends liberals,
    you’re a racist.

    19. If your name is Tom Kratman and you write and in
    your writing your heroes and heroines tend to be from minorities while your
    villains are white liberals, you’re still a racist.

    20. If you read The Bell Curve, you’re a racist. On the other
    hand, if you didn’t read it but wrote a scathing review on Amazon anyway you
    might not be a racist provided you take personal responsibility for 300 years of
    slavery even if you just arrived from Poland last week.

    • Angry Webmaster

      Greetings Mr. Kratman. I see your intelligence service is working perfectly. I think I have your rules elsewhere on the site, but it’s nice to have them right from the source.

      I’m impatiently awaiting your next book.

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