Ok, this is just plain wrong


Good evening all, Angry Systems Administrator here with something that is just plain wrong. Now I’m not talking about how a certain current President of the United States is doing things. I’ll leave that discussion up to the Angry Webmaster.

Now what I’m talking about is playing the Queen hit, “We will rock you!1 on the bagpipes. Think I’m kidding? Just watch the video, but make sure you have an empty stomach before you start, since it will be empty after you watch it.

Sickening isn’t it? Well in order to speed your recovery, allow me to present “We Will Rock You!” the way it was MEANT to be played:

Ahhh, MUCH better!

That’s more than enough!

~The Angry Systems Administrator~


  1. We Will Rock You! []
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  • Matt House

    Hey, I -like- the bagpipe version. Then again, I never did like the origional very much.

  • Xystus

    I might not have recognized the tune without ID. Reminds me of a few complaints I heard about what *some* people like (arrangements of rock numbers) from my old pipe major. Not in his band!

  • LC_BU1

    Hmmm… okay… Is it wrong that I actually enjoyed the bagpipe version?

    • Angrysysadmin

      Yes it is. Please report to the nearest mental health facility for a thorough brain cleaning. 😀

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