So, just how DO electric cars work?

Good day all. As the title suggests, just how do electrically powered cars really work? I know they generally have a ton of batteries in them, (Or in the case of the Tesla1, half a ton), but do any of us really KNOW what makes these cars work?

Well, as usual, Michael Ramirez has come forward to explain it to the masses. He doesn’t resort to long winded technical explanations though. He is a firm believer in the phrase “One picture is worth a thousand words.”

So, here is Mr. Ramirez’s explanation on how an electric car works:

And there you have it. The secret ingredient that makes all electric cars work is big, dirty, polluting power plants. Either Coal fired as shown, Nuclear with all the attendant radioactive waste or gas fired. You may think buying an electric car makes you all green and environmentally friendly, but between the means of power generation as well as the manufacturing of the batteries to actually run the things, you would be better off getting a Hummer.

Personally, I think the hummer is way cooler than the Tesla. Yes, the Tesla can outrun the Hummer, but once it runs out of juice, the Hummer can just drive right over a Tesla. *SQUISH!*

That’s All Folks!

~The Angry Webmaster~

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