Holland now has mobile suicide units


The Dutch now have a a new idea that’s “Making the rounds” as it were. They have now created mobile euthanasia units.

For a while now, the Netherlands have had a policy of assisted suicide for the terminally ill. Of course, there have been a few minor issues, such as people being given the “Hot Shot” whether or not they wanted it or not. Now the Dutch have decided on the next step in getting rid of the unwanted terminally ill.

Dutch mobile euthanasia units to make house calls:

A controversial system of mobile euthanasia units that will travel around the country to respond to the wishes of sick people who wish to end their lives has been launched in the Netherlands.

The scheme, which started on Thursday, will send teams of specially trained doctors and nurses to the homes of people whose own doctors have refused to carry out patients’ requests to end their lives.

Are you in a hurry to get rid of Grandma? No problem! Just call Levenseinde and they will send someone right over. The first body bag is on the house.

Every year 2,300 to 3,100 mercy killings are carried out in the Netherlands, although opponents of the practice claim the figure is much higher because many cases are not registered. The Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG) supports euthanasia in principle if there is no alternative, but has distanced itself from the NVVE initiative, arguing that giving it the name Life End will foster the idea that it is for those who it said are simply “weary of life” rather than those who are sick.

The people who are opposed to assisted suicide claim that a number of people are put down like old dogs “Assisted” with the end of their lives aren’t really given a choice. In some cases, people suffering from dementia are “assisted” at the request of family members. Obviously, someone who is suffering from advanced Alzheimers is generally incapable of making a decision like this.

Now, I will state that I’m undecided on this subject. Today, thanks to modern medicine, people can live far longer than they would have even 50 years ago. This has caused issues with what is known as “The quality of life.” Someone in extreme pain may want to just “end it” simply to stop the pain.

In the United States, there have been a few cases where the Drug Enforcement Agency went after doctors who specialize in pain management due to their writing prescriptions for large amounts of narcotic pain killers. What the DEA usually fails to consider is that people suffering the levels of pain requiring those amounts of drugs have a fairly high tolerance TO those drugs. They are not getting stoned off of them.

There are a number of drugs that these specialists would like to prescribe, such as medically pure Heroin, but aren’t allowed to because the nitwits in the government are waging the “War on Drugs” and won’t allow doctors to use the best medications available.

I understand that Heroin is used in Europe on patients in the last stages of life, and it doesn’t send them into LaLa land, it just makes them more comfortable in their last days. In the United States I know of at least one case where a doctor lost his ability to prescribe these drugs and one of his patients, who was clearly in agony, finally snapped. He video taped a screaming diatribe at the DEA, and since he could no longer stand the pain, he shot himself.

He really didn’t want to do that, (So those happy Levenseinde people wouldn’t be called by him), but he saw no other way. Because of what he did, the DEA was forced to restore the doctors prescription privileges, (Which is another thing I should rant about), but in a very limited and heavily monitored way. I saw part of that video he left behind. He was on crutches and barely able to walk to to the pain he was suffering. I suspect that if he had been able to, he would have gone after the DEA agents who went after his doctor. Personally, I would have charged every person in that case with depraved indifference to human life and crimes against humanity.

In any case, this is a very tough subject and really needs a lot of careful thought. Having someone show up like the Good Humor Man just seems wrong to me. What’s next? A suicide booth on every corner?


~The Angry Webmaster~


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