Eric Holder blocks Texas voting law

Good evening all. It seems that Eric Holder is once again messing with Texas. (Won’t he ever learn?) This time he is blocking the new voter ID law that Texas passed.

This law requires an ID in order to vote, It was passed to prevent the voter fraud problems we have seen in the last few elections. A number of other states have also passed these laws. So why is Holder trying to block this one? Because he can. And so he can help the Democrats steal elections.

Texas is covered under the old Voter Rights act that Congress passed almost 50 years ago, (And is of questionable constitutionality), in order to prevent certain states from blocking blacks and other minorities from voting. This act has long since outlasted the need for it and is now used primarily to prevent states that are covered from securing their balloting systems.

The law in question, which requires a picture ID is quite popular with everyone but the Democrats. In general, these laws also put in place a mechanism for people to get a qualifying ID at no charge to themselves. This seems quite reasonable. The fact that we need an ID for just about everything in this country BUT voting is absurd.

So, as I mentioned above, the reason Democrats are so dead set against any form of ID is that it will make it nearly impossible for their usual means of stealing elections. It’s very hard for a dead person to get an ID, even in Chicago, (Home of zombie voter)

Needless to say Texas is a might annoyed with Holder and his corrupt justice department.

Here’s a few details from Fox News:

The Obama administration has once more gone too far in its “overreach,” Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Monday, after the Justice Department objected to the state’s new voter photo ID law, saying Texas failed to demonstrate that the law is not discriminatory by design against Hispanic voters.

Well, it does discriminate against the illegal alien Hispanics.

“Texas has a responsibility to ensure elections are fair, beyond reproach and accurately reflect the will of voters. The DOJ has no valid reason for rejecting this important law, which requires nothing more extensive than the type of photo identification necessary to receive a library card or board an airplane. Their denial is yet another example of the Obama administration’s continuing and pervasive federal overreach,” Perry said

Governor Perry, you must understand that Obama and Holder hate Texas and all it stands for. I seem to recall a fight between Texas and the EPA. You have led the way in resisting Obama’s power grabs. In his mind, you need to be destroyed and Texas needs to be brought to heel.

So how did the InJustice department come to the conclusion that this law would prevent people from voting? Smoke and mirrors mostly.

Justice Department’s head of the civil rights division, Tom Perez wrote that while the state says the new photo ID requirement is to “ensure electoral integrity and deter ineligible voters from voting” the state “did not include evidence of significant in-person voter impersonation not already addressed by the state’s existing laws.”

Now I can’t speak to the problems Texas may be having with voter fraud, but considering that Lyndon Baines Johnson, a Democrats and a notorious vote rigger was from Texas, I think they current administration had good reason to want to take preventative action.

Perez added that the number of people lacking any personal ID or driver’s license issued by the state ranges from 603,892 to 795,955, but of that span, 29-38 percent of them are Hispanic.

“According to the state’s own data, a Hispanic registered voter is at least 46.5 percent, and potentially 120.0 percent, more likely than a non-Hispanic registered voter to lack this identification,” Perez wrote.

So, here’s the question for you Mr. Perez. How they hell are these people doing things like cashing checks, opening bank accounts, driving cars, etc? Could it be that they aren’t supposed to be IN the United States in the first place? So what does Texas say about that data?

But the two data sets, compiled in September 2011 and January 2012 were not an apples-to-apples comparison, said Texas’ secretary of state, who noted the department was warned that the two data sets it used to lodge its objection were inconsistent.

“The data they demanded came from matching two separate data sets never designed to be matched, and their agency was warned that matches from these data sets would be misleading,” Texas Secretary of State Hope Andrade said in a statement.

So, in other words, the InJustice Department was told there was a problem with the data, but they used it anyway to make sure that voter fraud favoring the Democrats continued? Mr. Andrade wasn’t alone in his criticism. Lamar Smith, (Who I really want to see defeated) had a few things to say.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith, a Texas Republican, said in a separate statement the Texas law was based on an Indiana law upheld by the Supreme Court. He also questioned what the real objection is to requiring photo ID.

“If citizens are required to show ID in order to open a bank account, cash a check, drive a car or board a plane, how much more important is it to show ID in order to exercise one of our most valuable democratic rights?” he asked. “This is an abuse of executive authority and an affront to the citizens of Texas. It’s time for the Obama administration to learn not to mess with Texas.”

So Senator Smith, what are you going to do about it? There’s been a bill of impeachment filed against Obama, why don’t you push it along from your end? Whining Putz.

Of course the Democrats are thrilled with this.

“Throughout the pre-clearance process, Texas consistently failed to produce information showing the law would not have a discriminatory impact on minority voters. The Voting Rights Act exists for this exact purpose: protecting the ability of all Americans to access the ballot box,” Sen. Rodney Ellis, D-Houston, told the newspaper.

And this is utter Bovine Droppings uttered by a cheating swine. The Texas Attorney general had a few choice words regarding the so called lack of voter fraud in Texas.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said while Democrats complain that voter fraud is a myth, both the Justice Department and Texas AG’s office have prosecuted and won convictions in scores of cases. “Those cases include a woman who submitted her dead mother’s ballot, a paid operative who cast two elderly voters’ ballots after transporting them to the polling place, a city council member who unlawfully registered ineligible foreign nationals to vote in an election that was decided by a 19-vote margin” and several other notable cases, he said.

Texas has been having a lot of problems with Holder’s InJustice Department and the rest of the Obama regime. I have no doubt they are going to fight back. The problem is, If Obama wins a second term, you can count on him doubling down on all his totalitarian plans.

Good luck to you in Texas. I hope you crush Perez, Holder and Obama like the puny little insects they are. (My guess is they are similar to maggots)


It looks like the Texas contingent at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler has started clamping their powerful jaws on this story as well.


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    In all fairness, it will discriminate against illegal alien Somalis and Iranians too.

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