Lesson One, don’t rob a house with Marines in it

Good day all, unless you happen to be a burglar who intends to rob a house occupied by members of that fine organization, the United State Marine Corp. As two former burglars recently found out, attempting to do so is not good for one’s health.

Now here is the story from WNCT.com in North Carolina:

By: Tony Rawlings WNCT-On Your Side

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. – After nearly two weeks of investigation by the Jacksonville Police Department into an attempted burglary that left two men dead, Onslow County District Attorney Ernie Lee announced this morning that charges will not be filed against the shooters.

Now this is good news. As Ted Nugent has opined in the past, we want dead offenders, not repeat offenders. To continue:

The two men were shot during an attempted burglary of the house, after being surprised by the residents, as they returned home. The burglars held them at gun point and threatened to kill them.

This happens far to often and usually ends badly for the residents. Not this time.

According to Lee, the Marine grabbed for the gun when Skinner looked away and a struggle for the weapon followed.

Marines? This was the residence of United States Marines? I wonder if they were in uniform?

“The Marine resident was able to kick Skinner and free the shotgun from Skinner’s grip. Skinner came at the Marine resident who was on the floor and the Marine resident two times.”

Talk about doubling down on stupid! But wait! It gets better!

The Marine resident then found Everette struggling with another Marine who was a guest in the home and shot Everette once in the rear end.

He shot the goblin in the ass. I guess he was concerned about hitting his buddy and went for the brain shot. :)

The whole altercation happened within 15 minutes, Jacksonville Police arrived on the scene at 1:55 am to find Skinner and Everette dead in the home.

Awwww, how sad. No doubt these two pollutants in the gene pool were “Turning their lives around,” and “were about to sign a rap music contract.” Yeah, right. So what’s the story with the district attorney? (or whatever they call them down there)

Lee says the shooting of Everette and Skinner falls under North Carolina statute 14-51.2, commonly referred to as the castle doctrine.

“Based upon my review of the facts of this case, the occupants of the residence were justified in using deadly force against both Everette and Skinner because the actions of everette and skinner caused the occupants to reasonably believe it necessary to use deadly force to protect their lives.”

Great! A DA with common sense and an understanding of the law and one who doesn’t particularly care about criminals getting whacked during the commission of a major felony, unlike a certain “special prosecutor” in Florida who is planning on railroading someone into prison for political reasons only.1

The two Camp Lejeune Marines and one civilian of 107 sustained substantial injuries during the attack. lee says they were lucky to survive.

“The three occupants are fortunate that they did not suffer even greater serious injury or death. The actions of these three individuals in defending themselves may very well have saved their lives.”

It’s bad enough that we are sending our Marines, (and other military personnel), into harms way. They should not have to deal with this when they are home. All they should be worrying about, (when off duty), is where the next party with all the cute girls is. (Provided they are unattached that is. If married, they should be worried only about family stuff like the rest of us)

I suspect the injuries incurred by the Marines was due to them thinking like citizens and not like Marines. In Afghanistan, they would have gone after these to wastes of oxygen and quickly ended their wasteful, larcenist ways. However, this is supposed to be a civilized country, so they thought like civilized people, not like Marines dealing with barbarians.

Now, for a little advice for other would be miscreants who might be thinking of robbing a home belonging to U.S. Marines:

Top Ten Signs You May Be Robbing The Wrong House.

10. As you pull up to the house you intend rob, you hear on a loudspeaker “All ready on the firing line”.

9. There is a chalk outline of a body on the front porch.

8. The County Coroner parks the meat wagon in the neighborhood to save time.

7. The backyard has a 55 gallon drum filled with spent brass cartridges.

6. There is a teddy bear, candle and photograph of your late homie at the edge of the property line.

5. The car in the driveway has decals of six hoodie silhouettes with X’es through them.

4. You notice a windsock flapping from a flagpole.

3. You notice a bumper sticker reading “I’d Rather Be Shooting Felons” on the homeowners car.

2. You hear the sound of gunfire and notice a stream of red streaks heading in your direction.

And the Number One Sign that you may be robbing the wrong house…… When you ring the door bell to make sure that nobody is home, the chimes play Taps.

(H/T to Tim F on Facebook)2


~The Angry Webmaster~


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