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We all know that ScoaMF is a narcissistic megalomaniac. As far as he’s concerned, there is no one else of any importance on planet Earth. If we knew for certain that there was intelligent life in the universe, Obama would make Zaphod Beeblebrox1 look downright humble.2

Recently George Will said on ABC’s This Week that

“If you struck from Barack Obama’s vocabulary the first-person singular pronoun, he would fall silent, which would be a mercy to us and a service to him, actually,” Will continued. “Because he was been so incontinent for the last three years that you wind up with, as you said, [an] Ohio State University with empty seats.”

George Will didn’t know the half of it when he made that statement. It’s come out in the last couple of days that Obama has had the White House web page listing all the presidents altered to include him in the other presidents biographies. The first altered entry appears to be that of President Calvin Coolidge under the heading of “Did you know?”

Here is the entry:

On Feb. 22, 1924 Calvin Coolidge became the first president to make a public radio address to the American people. President Coolidge later helped create the Federal Radio Commission, which has now evolved to become the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Now that is straightforward and an accurate historical record. What does this have to do with that SCoaMF?

President Obama became the first president to hold virtual gatherings and town halls using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.

Oh it gets better. Not to be left out, The Wookie Moocher Michelle Obama has been added to Herbert Hoover’s entry:

President Herbert Hoover signed the bill founding the Department of Veterans Affairs July 21, 1930. President Obama is committed to making sure that the VA, the second-largest cabinet department, serves the needs of all veterans and provides a seamless transition from active duty to civilian life, and has directed his Administration to modernize the way health care is delivered and benefits are administered for our nation’s veterans.

And the alteration?

First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden launched Joining Forces to mobilize all sectors of society to give our service members and their families the opportunities and support they have earned.

Oh give me a break! The only thing the Obama’s want to do with the military is disband it. And what in the 7 levels of Hell is that obnoxious cow’s alleged accomplishments doing on a presidential biography page? There is a dedicated page for each of the First Ladies and their accomplishments. Of course. Michelle Obama doesn’t have any real accomplishments, unlike say Eleanor Roosevelt or Laura Bush.

So what other entries of the Obama’s contaminated? Well, they defaced the biographical page for Franklin D. Roosevelt:

The Did you know entry:

On August 14, 1935, President Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act

We won’t go into what a disaster that has proven to be in this posting. Here’s what the Narcissist in Chief added:

Today the Obama Administration continues to protect seniors and ensure Social Security will be there for future generations.

Of course, we all know this is another blatant lie. Social Security is in the process of collapsing. So who else did the Tagger in Chief hose down with the Presidential spray paint? Why that would be Harry S. “The buck stops here” Truman. Here is the relevant and important part of the Did you know entry:

In a 1946 letter to the National Urban League, President Truman wrote that the government has “an obligation to see that the civil rights of every citizen are fully and equally protected.” He ended racial segregation in civil service and the armed forces in 1948.

So what did the most racially divisive president in living memory add to this?

Today the Obama Administration continues to strive toward upholding the civil rights of its citizens, repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, allowing people of all sexual orientations to serve openly in our armed forces. Source: Harry S. Truman Library and Museum

Which I’ve been given to understand, went over like a lead balloon with the military. This brings us to Dwight David Eisenhower, Commander of the European Theater of Operations during World War 2. Here is the entry:

President Dwight Eisenhower established the President’s Council on Youth Fitness on July 16, 1956 (now known as The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports) after learning from a study that American youth were less fit than European youth.

In this section, the ScoaMF sat this one out and let the Angry Cow have another go:

Today the Council is still going strong—with Olympians and professional athletes on board—working in conjunction with the First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiativeto help promote healthier lifestyles.

Yeah, the nag in chief likes to pack away the comfort food while forcing everyone else to eat crap. This brings us to John F. Kennedy.

President John F. Kennedy famously suggested the American people: “Ask what you can do for your country.” In 1961, the Peace Corps was created, facilitating service among citizens working toward peace in developing countries.

Again I won’t go into just how useless that program has been. Here’s what The Great Blower of his own Horn had to add:

Obama celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps with a Presidential Proclamation.

I’m surprised the jug-eared idiot found time in his busy golf schedule to actually sign a proclamation. He must have thought he was signing his golf card or something.

And this brings us to Lyndon Baines Johnson. So what do wh know about him?

President Lyndon Johnson signed Medicare signed into law in 1965—providing millions of elderly healthcare stability.

And this is in the process of breaking the budget. Of course, Obama just HAD to top that disaster with an even bigger one:

Obama’s historic health care reform law, the Affordable Care Act, strengthens Medicare, offers eligible seniors a range of preventive services with no cost-sharing, and provides discounts on drugs when in the coverage gap known as the “donut hole.”

Obamacare, as we all know, was rammed down the throats of the American People, is about to be declared unconstitutional and is nothing less than a totalitarian power grab by the Democrats. So who is the next victim president to be insulted by Obama? Why that would be Richard M. Nixon. I’m actually surprised that the most corrupt president in history would want to be associated with the second most corrupt president. Still, here’s the entry:

In 1973, Richard Nixon created The President’s Export Council, which was expanded and reconstituted under President Jimmy Carter in 1979.

Yeah, Nixon is responsible for a pretty big increase in the size of government. Of course, Obama had to get his two cents in:

Today the PEC continues to work towards reaching President Obama’s goal of doubling the nation’s exports by 2014’s end.

The only thing the ScoaMF’s has been exporting is jobs…to China. Now the next entry should be Gerald R. Ford, but lets face it. He didn’t accomplish much so there wasn’t anything noteworthy for Obama to horn in on. That brings us to the second most incompetent president in US history, Jimmy Carter:

In 1977, President Jimmy Carter created the Department of Energy.

And this is an agency that is absolutely useless and needs to be shut down. So, do you think Obama would do that? Think again:

Today the DOE works with the Obama Administration to drive towards innovation in energy and reducing reliance on foreign oil with an “all of the above” approach.

In other words, shut down all coal and oil production and hand billions of taxpayer dollars to to all of Obama’s cronies. Can we say Solyndra?3 Sure we can!

This brings us to the greatest president of the 20th century, the man who brought down the Soviet Empire without firing a shot, Ronald Wilson Reagan! This one had two entries, not just one entry that all the others have.

The first one:

President Reagan designated Martin Luther King Jr. Day a national holiday.

To which the Dog eater in chief added:

Today the Obama Administration honors this tradition, with the First and Second Families participating in service projects on this day.

In other words, Obama went to the golf course, Michelle Obama flew to Spain or someplace, and Biden went to a target range to practice shooting his mouth off. Now for the second entry:

In a June 28, 1985 speech Reagan called for a fairer tax code, one where a multi-millionaire did not have a lower tax rate than his secretary.

Funny, I don’t recall President Reagan saying that. He wanted to lower taxes across the board as well as simplify them. So what did the liar have to say?

Today, President Obama is calling for the same with the Buffett Rule.

Horse Hockey! The only thing that communist wants to do is steal every single penny that people earn and give it to his cronies. Warren Buffett is a complete hypocrite. He could easily write a check to the treasury and assuage his guilt. Or, he could try paying the $1 BILLION dollars he already owes!4

This brings us to George HW. Bush, aka Bush 1. There really isn’t much of an entry here. Nothing about Bush’s accomplishments. The entry is all about Obama:

President Barack Obama awarded George H.W. Bush the 2010 Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, for his commitment to service and ability to inspire volunteerism throughout the country, encouraging citizens to be “a thousand points of light.” The administration continues to promote service and civic engagement, honoring heroes of local communities as “Champions of Change” and fostering civic participation.

Look at me! I’m wonderful! I gave George Bush a medal! Aren’t I wonderful and nonpartisan? What a putz. And speaking of putz’s, this brings is to the “Silver Zipper” William Jefferson Clinton:

Continuing his work as a lifelong public service, Clinton created the Clinton Foundation in 2001 to improve global health, education, economies and environments.

Actually, Clinton created this foundation as a way to meet girls. So what to Barack have to say?

Affectionately calling him “Do-Gooder-in-Chief”, President Obama has worked with Clinton to make buildings in our country more efficient—announcing a $4 billion investment in energy efficiency upgrades for commercial buildings.

Ahh yes, more taxpayer money for Democratic Cronies. This brings us to George Walker Bush, aka Bush 2. (Among the many other epithets) You would think that Obama, who spends all his time blaming Bush for all his own inadequacies as a president, man and human being, would have ignored Bush’s biography. You would have thought incorrectly:

In 2002, President George W. Bush’s State of the Union was the first to be live broadcast on the Internet.

Which I didn’t watch. I was still on dial up back then. If I watched the State of the Union, it was to see what we were going to do against Al Qeda and the Taliban. So what dis the ScoaMF have to add?

President Obama’s State of the Union speeches were available in an enhanced live stream version that featured infographics, charts and data side-by-side in real time with the President’s speech.

And was roundly ignored by pretty much everyone. Most people only tune in to see what the next “Big Lie” will be.

This whole thing is unbelievable. It just goes to show what a totally classless POS this alleged man is. This is narcissism taken to a new level. You know, I wonder if this might reach the level of an impeachable offense, so to speak. Not for high crimes and misdemeanors, (Lord knows there’s enough to toss Obama in a supermax for decades), but for serious mental illness. This level of delusional thinking is terrifying, especially when the sufferer has the ability to launch nuclear weapons.

So, here’s a question for the comments section. How long before Obama and his minions conclude that these entries were a bad idea and scrub the site? Or do you think it will have to wait until the next administration, (The one run by grownups) comes in and cleans up this mess?

As I’ve said before, Remember in November! Vote out the Graffiti King and vote in someone with an eraser.

A small update. Our favorite all powerful emperor, Misha 1, has chimed in as well on this at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler.

That is all

~The Angry Webmaster~


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  • angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)

    Egomaniac Obama changes presidential history – #angercentralarchives

  • angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)

    Egomaniac Obama changes presidential history – #angercentralarchives

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  • Sean(Houston)

    Honestly?  I’m not sure. They may scrub it forthwith after an outcry of disgust…or they may leave it up because he IS the most narcissistic mother fucker to ever sit in the oval orifice.

    • Angry Webmaster

       Personally I think he is well beyond narcissism and moving past megalomania.  He might actually think he can walk on water.

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