Forget the Lambata…


Now we have Gangnam style! Good day all, This is the Angry Systems Administrator. The polls open in two days, so rather than talk about politics, I thought I would talk about something far more important, the latest craze from South Korea.

This is something called Gangnam style1 and it has gone viral. This craze has now crossed the Pacific and landed on the shores of the United States.


Here is the original music video from Korea.

Yes a typical Pop craze, but is it? We now have evidence that the South Korean dance menace has started to infiltrate the United State Merchant Marine. We now have video proof of this.

If that wasn’t enough, now it is subverting the United States Navy!

Oh the Horror! The Horror! So far the United State Marine Corps, The United States Air Force and the United States Army have not yet been infiltrated by this evil.


I would like to thank Misha from the anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler for alerting us to this menace.

First Lambata, and now this! I can’t take it anymore, I can’t! I’m going to go back into my deep dark cave data center and hide now. Hopefully this plague will quickly pass before it spreads any further. Zombies would be a step up!


~The Angry (And cowering) Systems Administrator


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    Hey! This looks like fun. Of course, your idea of fun is looking at girls on the internet you worthless troll. Going out and meeting people? HAH!

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    Forget the Lambata… Oh my god! #angercentral #humor #tcot #music #gangnamstyle #dance #usnavy #usmerchantmarine #ows

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