Million Muppet March fails!

Big bird gets two in the hat

Big Bird doomed! Ann Romney looks for recipes! Good day all. In case you’re wondering just what the heck I’m talking about, yesterday, November 4th, 2012, was the date for the Million Muppet March to save Big Bird in Washington DC.

This march came about after it was determined that Governor Mitt Romney had said it was time to end public funding of PBS. The Angry Left, (AKA Barking Moonbats), promptly went off the deep end. They couldn’t be bothered to stick a crowbar in their elitist wallets and fork over money for PBS, so they decided to organize a protest to keep taxpayer money going into PBS.

Well, it seems they came in a few short of a million people muppets. Here are a few details from Newsbusters.

How lame was Washington’s “Million Puppet March” yesterday? So lame that I couldn’t even find a story about the event at the Associated Press’s national web site.

That has to be depressing for the Moonbats.

Planning for the event began several weeks ago after GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said in the first presidential debate that despite his love for Sesame Street’s Big Bird he would not advocate further public funding of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Oddly, an unbylined AP story at the Washington Post written sometime earlier this week which was apparently not treated as a national story gave readers the impression that the idea for the march had only come up a few days earlier (posted in full because of its brevity and for fair use and discussion purposes):

‘Million Puppet March’ planned to defend PBS funding at US Capitol 3 days before election Organizers of a Million Puppet March are announcing their plans for a Washington rally three days before the election to support funding for public broadcasting. The march of puppets and puppeteers is planned for Saturday. It begins at 10 a.m. at Lincoln Park east of the Capitol. About 600 participants will later march around the Capitol to the Capitol Reflecting Pool. Organizers say they wanted to respond to Mitt Romney’s plan to eliminate funding for PBS and its shows and characters like Big Bird on “Sesame Street” as a way to reduce the nation’s deficit. The rally will include entertainment by puppeteers, music, speeches, and a video by the Broadway cast of “Avenue Q.” Organizers say additional events are planned in New York City, Atlanta, Seattle and elsewhere1.

Ok, they planned to run a protest in New York yesterday? I guess they figured that since the Marathon had been canceled due to the threat of lynch mobs, they thought they would have a clear path the media. I guess they forgot about that little storm we had last week. You know, something they called Hurricane Sandy?

Barking Moonbat

Going through the rest of the story, it looks like only a couple of hundred moonbats showed up. This is a classic case of “What if they gave a protest and no one showed up?” Now we have the answer. No one thinks PBS is all that important these days. Big Bird is toast. Actually, I think he’ll be around for Thanksgiving but not for dessert or the football games afterward. Well, part of him will be, but he will have a new name. He will be known as “Leftovers.”

All joking aside, Big Bird and Sesame street are cash cows fro PBS. They pull in hundreds of millions a year. If PBS were to go under, one of the cable networks would scoop them up so fast, Big Bird’s feathers would be blown off in the slipstream. PBS is just a hard left anti-American network that most people no longer watch. If Sesame Street and the other profitable shows left for Cable TV, they wold probably increase their market share.

As to all the documentaries shown on PBS? If they are any good, you will see them on networks like the Discovery Channel, The History Channel, The Science Channel, etc. Since most of what they put up is crap, it won’t be bought by the cable channels and those Michael Moore wannabes will have to go back to something they are better suited for.

Flipping burgers at McDonalds.

Tomorrow, vote Romney and make sure Big Bird Bites the Big One. 😀


~The Angry Webmaster~


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    Million Muppet March fails! – #angercentralarchives

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