Getting a Visa

(And discovering the meaning of true love)

So you have finally met your one true love and want to bring him/her to the United States. Congratulations on your happiness, now sit back and prepare yourselves to be tested in ways you never thought possible. You are about to enter….

(Cue Dramatic Music)

As always, we are not immigration lawyers or specialists. All we can do is give you a little advice, tell you what we went through and help you through one of the most trying times in your lives.

The Webmaster met his lovely and spectacularly intelligent and wonderful wife in 2003. They met through an online dating service and began exchanging emails, pictures, letters, gifts and small furry livestock. (Ok, no livestock. It’s a pain to get through customs and the shipping charges are unbelievable) The future Mr. & Mrs. formally met on February 14th, 2003 in Beijing Airport. They hit it off and a few days later The Webmaster “Popped the Question.”

Once the Webmaster returned to the United States he began looking up what he needed to do in order to bring his beloved to this country. He found some forms on what was then called the BCIS, (which a short time earlier was known as the INS), downloaded them and started reading. Then he started panicking. At that point he contacted his father who then contacted some lawyerly types he knows who then offered to assist our hero with all the paperwork…for a large fee of course! (Shakespeare had the right idea)

Now the type of visa the happy couple applied for is called the K-1 visa. This is for fiancĂ©(e)’s. When your beloved receives this visa, you have 90 days to legally marry otherwise when the visa expires your beloved will need to leave the United States and start the process all over again. Once you have married, the clock stops and all the other fun begins. (And we don’t mean the marriage type fun either)

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