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Parler finding a new home

Good day all. Parler, the microblogging competitor to Twitter, was murdered over the weekend by Amazon Web Services with the apparent collusion of Twitter, Google and Apple. There is a legal case being brought. In the mean time, Parler has been trying to find a new home and it looks like they may have.

Oregon suspends doctor’s license and 1st Amendment rights

Good day all. There are a large number of doctors and scientists who disagree with the way the China Virus has been handled, including making people wear masks. Many have posted on blogs, and socialist media explaining their views in a calm manner, then have been banned by the very same platforms for wrongthink.

Free Speech? Not under the Harris/Biden regime

Good day all. We already know that the Democratic CommuNazis are looking to cement themselves into place as the rulers of America Forever. They have been taking aim at the 2nd Amendment for decades. Now one of the Bidenbots has let the cat out of the bag and is calling for an end to the […]

Twitter and Facebook protecting Dementia Joe

Good day all. Yesterday, News came out that a hard drive purportedly belonging to Hunter “Hoovernose” Biden had been in the hands of the FBI since last December, and that it contained evidence that Hovernose’s father, the senile pedophile, Dementia Joe Biden had used his position ad Vice President to aid and protect Burisma.