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Twitter and Facebook protecting Dementia Joe

Good day all. Yesterday, News came out that a hard drive purportedly belonging to Hunter “Hoovernose” Biden had been in the hands of the FBI since last December, and that it contained evidence that Hovernose’s father, the senile pedophile, Dementia Joe Biden had used his position ad Vice President to aid and protect Burisma.

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The Great Panicdemic of 2020: Repealing the 1st Amendment

Good day all. Over the last few weeks, I’ve posted stories of government overreach and the flat out suppression of the Constitution by politicians and judges. We’re now seeing things come to a head as more and more people start ignoring the orders.

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The Great Panicdemic of 2020: DoJ taking action on 1st Amendment violations

Good day all, this is a follow up to my post regarding some Democrat politicians basically ordering churches to shut down or else. We’ve already had a federal judge slam the mayor of Louisville, Kentucky. Now the Department of Justice is taking notice.

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GOP Billionaire buys major Stake in Twitter

Good day all. It’s no secret that the social(ist) media platforms are owned and operated by hard left Progressive Fascists who have no problem suppressing any speech they disagree with. Twitter is one of the worst, (Right along with Faceplant), in booting anyone off the platform they don’t like.

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