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The Interview Canceled? How about Team America instead?

Good day all. Since Sony has decided to surrender and turn over it’s business to the North Korean nutcase, Kim Jung-duh, several theaters announced that they would play Team America: World Police in it’s place.

Utah to take land back from Federal government

Good day all. With all the stories regarding fake rapes and the political death of Mary Landrieu, this little gem slipped under the radar. The state of Utah has decided it is going to reclaim territory taken by the Federal Government.

Goodbye Former Senator Landrieu

Good day all. This is a quick followup to my post yesterday regarding the political career of May Landrieu. The polls in Louisiana opened at 6am local time and closed at 8pm local time. (Louisiana time for those of you running around with your hands in the air)

I, Emperor Barack the 1st Do Hereby Decree…

Good day all. I’ve been rather quiet of late regarding the immigration mess we’re in now, thanks to King Putt. Now, with Obama preparing to wave his hands and declare millions of criminal aliens may now stay in the United States and collect welfare, I think it’s time for me to put in my two cents.

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