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Next, Democrats look at 14th Amendment to “Get Trump!”

Good day all. Now that the latest attempt to railroad the Greatest President of the 21st Century, Donald J. Trump, has crashed and burned, the Democratic CommuNazis are looking at other ways to “Get TRUMP!” The next thing in line is using the 14th Amendment to bar President Trump from running for president in 2024.

One line bill to close the Department of (non)Education

Good day all. The Department of Education was created as a gift to the Teacher’s union and the Professional Educators. It burns through billions of dollars a year and educates not one single man, woman or child.

Judge slaps down Los Angeles District Attorney

Good day all. Recently Los Angeles elected a new District Attorney, one George Gascón. He assumed office in December and has managed to enrage his staff, the police, and the victims of crime. The reason for this is that he is another of George Soro’s followers who refuses to actually obey or enforce the laws.

Union leaders shocked SHOCKED! That Dementia Joe is stabbing them in the back

Good day all. Not even a month in office and the Fake President is well on his way to destroying the United States of America. He has been signing every single Executive Order put in front of him, most of questionable legality. He has also started destroying Union jobs from the very unions that helped […]