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The end of the Boeing 747?

Good day all. This is the Angry Systems Administrator. I just read a story in the Financial Times that makes me very sad. It looks like Boeing might close down the 747 line of aircraft in the near future.

Boehner to Obama: Up yours Pal!

Good day all. A bit of a bombshell broke yesterday when Speaker of the House, John “Crybaby” Boehner seem to grow a bit of a spine and invite Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to address a joint session of Congress.

How congress can stop Obama’s regulatory state

Good day all. Since the 2014 election, President Obama has decided he will rule by decree via the regulatory agencies. He has been doing this all along of course, but now he is ramping up his power grabs big time.

This will be my next car

Good day all, this is the Angry Systems Administrator. I have just read an article detailing the car I will purchase once it becomes available. This is a Ford, and the car is based on a series of wonderful automobiles.

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