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Trump suspends H1B visas, companies scream bloody murder

Good day all. The H1B visa program was meant to allow a company to hire a foreign worker to handle a job that no one else could do. It was meant to be a very rare occurrence. However, companies have used the H1B program to replace American workers with cheap, imported labor.

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Trump: Focus on skills, not college degrees

Good day all. There are many reasons why I have supported President Trump since I attended a campaign rally in 2016. He actually knows how the world works, and understands that knowledge is power.

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Companies have had it with Seattle and are leaving

Good day all. The fallout from Mayor Picklehead Durkan’s decision to cave into the Marxist mobs in Seattle has begun to pay dividends, just not for the city of Seattle. A major company has announced that they’ve had it and are leaving.

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UN Unhappy that we are calling Antifa terrorists

Good day all. We have been experiencing a fairly well orchestrated series of riots in several major Democrat cities. Ostensibly, they were protests over the death of a suspect allegedly caused by a Minneapolis police officer.

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