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A small blow against gun grabbers in California

This came out yesterday in California. A federal judge has ruled that the 10 day waiting period to buy a gun is not constitutional. However, before pro-second amendment people start jumping for joy, there are a few little details.

St. Louis County Police Relieved of Duty

Good day all. I have been watching the mess out in Ferguson, Missouri along with everyone else. After several nights of rioting, looting and heavy handed police responses, the governor has relieved the entire department of any police duties in that city.

Meriam Ibrahim safe in Rome

Good afternoon one and all. It’s time for some good news for a change. You may recall that Meriam Ibrahim, a Christian mother married to a naturalized American, had been convicted in a Sudanese court of not being a Muslim. Those barbarians sentenced her to be flogged and then hanged.

EPA accused of sabotage…again

Good day all. Our wonderful and highly efficient Environmental Protection Agency, (Stop laughing, work with me here), has once again shown just how efficient it is at destroying America.