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FCC Seizes control of the Internet

Good day all. Yesterday the Federal Communications Commission voted to seize control of the Internet. They are doing this by declaring that the Internet is actually a utility and will be regulating it using a law passed in the 1930’s.

Rudy Giuliani states that Obama doesn’t love America

And in other news, Water is wet and the Sun is bright. Last week, former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani let fly at Obama, stating that he doesn’t believe Der Fubar loves America. Needless to say this set the barking moonbats into full flight.

Obama’s Amnesty on hold

Good morning all. A federal judge has issued a temporary order stopping Obama’s plan to grant illegal aliens a back door amnesty and legal status.

Judge blasts DOJ lawyers

Good day all. I saw this story last week. A federal judge has let fly at several Department of Justice lawyers, all but accusing them of multiple criminal acts.

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