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The Great Panicdemic of 2020: More lawsuits being filed in NY

Good day all. As people come to the conclusion that the lock-down ordered by the nations governors was both a waste of time and an economic disaster, (Not to mention a massive violation of civil rights), they are beginning to demand a return to normalcy.

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Some Unions issuing threats if they don’t get their way

Good day all. We’ve been watching how Unions have slowly become irrelevant to working Americans. Not just irrelevant, but an actual threat to their jobs. This is why most private sector unions are slowly dying.

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Once again, Democrats accuse President Trump of something

Good day all. When last we heard from Senator Christopher Murphy, (Moonbat-CT), he was working to undermine President Trump’s policies towards Iran. Prior to that, he was demanding that people saying things he didn’t like had to be suppressed and that people be banned from the internet.

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Dementia Joe Biden once again announces he will confiscate guns

Dementia Joe Biden, (Hat tip to Howie Carr), has always, like every good Democrat, hated the 2nd Amendment and has supported stripping the Right to Keep and Bear Arms away from the citizens of the United States.

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