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Standing Headline #5982, Democrat arrested for corruption

Good day all. Once again, we have a Democrat who has been caught stealing. This one is in Tennessee and is, or was, a state senator. It is also alleged that she is a thief who was embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from the place she work at.

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A win for the 1st Amendment and a loss for Socialist Justice Warriors

Good day all. For the last decade, there has been a concerted effort to shut down any moderate or conservative speech on the Internet. We know about how Faceplant, Goolag and Twitter will shut down anyone who doesn’t to the Communist Totalitarian line. Now we have a win for the good guys.

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The Coup against Trump: The rats are turning on each other

Good day all. Four years ago, Barack Obama instigated a plot to Get Trump. It was meant to be insurance in case Felonia von Pantsuit managed to lose the election that he was handing to her. The plot became known as Crossfire Hurricane.

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About that non-existent voter fraud? Think again

Good day all. As the election season progresses, the Democratic CommuNazis are once again accusing the Republicans of trying to suppress the vote, racism, and all the usual crap they like to throw out there. They’re also denying that there is any such thing as voter or election fraud, unless it’s the Republicans doing it.

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