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I, Emperor Barack the 1st Do Hereby Decree…

Good day all. I’ve been rather quiet of late regarding the immigration mess we’re in now, thanks to King Putt. Now, with Obama preparing to wave his hands and declare millions of criminal aliens may now stay in the United States and collect welfare, I think it’s time for me to put in my two cents.

Joe Biden, Impeachment Insurance

Good day all. Like many people, I wonder what it will take for Congress to finally look at impeaching and removing Barack Obama from the presidency. That he has and continues to commit offenses that are impeachable is beyond doubt.

Jonathon Gruber, the gift that keeps on giving

Good day all. If you have been paying attention to the Main Stream Media, you will not know about MIT Economics Professor Jonathon Gruber. If you have paid any attention to Fox News, you will know that he is one of the people who created Obamacare and did everything he could to hide the details of that pile of horse manure.

Election Day 2014

Good day all. Today is Election Day in the United States. I encourage everyone to go to their polling places and cast their ballot for the Republican of their choice. The election for Democrats is tomorrow.