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DeWayne Wickham and the First Amendment

Good day all. Here’s a question for you. Who is Dwayne Wickham and why should we be concerned about his views on the First Amendment? Dwayne Wickham is the Dean of Morgan State University’s School of Global Journalism and Communication, and as such, should be militantly defending the First Amendment against any form of censorship.

The 2015 State of the Union address

Good day all. Tomorrow is the annual waste of time known as the State of the Union address. As usual, that SCoaMF, Barack Obama, will come out and lie through his teeth about the actual state of the Union.

Need help with your taxes? Who can you call?

Well, it would be a waste of time to call the Internal Revenue Service, since they won’t even pick up the phone, let alone provide you with any help at all.

Eric Holder actually does something right

Good day all. I was about to write up something in the Infernal Revenue Service when this came across the wire. Eric Holder, probably the most dishonest Attorney General in decades, has just put a stop to some forms of asset forfeitures.

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