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Memorial Day, 2015

Today is Memorial Day. Today we remember those who died so that we may be a free people. During his administration, Ronald Reagan spoke these words of tribute to those who didn’t come home.

Harvard University a racist collage?

Good day all. In the department of “Why am I not surprised?”, a group of Asian descended Americans are taking Harvard University to court, accusing them of discrimination.

Jade Helm and State concerns of a federal takeover

Good day all. For the last couple of weeks there has been a number of conspiracy theories regarding the massive multi-state military operation called Jade Helm. A large number of people are concerned that this is nothing more then a rehearsal for a declaration of Martial Law and military rule.

Senator Bob Corker, moron

Good day all. I come here today, not to praise Senator Robert Corker, (Rino-TN), but to dump heaping piles of abuse upon him. Corker is Chairman of the Senate Intelligence committee, and is the one who should be clamping down on the slurping up of everyone’s digital life by the NSA.

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