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Bloomies to blow $50 million fighting NRA

Former New York City mayor and all around totalitarian, Michael Bloomberg has announced that he is going to spend $50 million dollars this election cycle to oppose the NRA. What can we say? Bloomberg is the gift that keeps on giving.

Harry Reid: It’s not over

This was the statement made by Dingy Harry Reid regarding the standoff at the Bundy Ranch. The way Reid said it implies that the BLM might try again to go after the Bundy’s cattle or that the FBI might go in instead with their usual lack of subtly.

The Bundy’s verses the BLM

Good day all. I’ve been following a story out of Nevada for the last week that has exploded into the national consciousness. A family cattle ranch is in the process of going toe to toe with the federal Bureau of Land Management, (BLM), over cattle grazing.

To the Bars! The British are fleeing!

Greetings all. Last Friday was the last broadcast from that disgrace to Great Britain, Piers Morgan. His talk show on CNN was canceled due to poor health. The people were sick of him and his arrogant stupidity.