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Senate fails to pass Cromnibus

Good evening all. I just saw a story that the Senate has passed a 5 day spending bill and has sent it to King Putt for his signature. It seems they ran out of time to pass Boehner’s Cromnibus spending bill that would giver Il Douche pretty much everything he wants.

New York’s latest dumb idea

Good day all. I saw this news story in the New York Post yesterday and thought that someone must have dropped a little acid or something. Someone has pushed a bill through the New York state legislature that will basically put the police unions in charge of all disciplinary issues.

Utah to take land back from Federal government

Good day all. With all the stories regarding fake rapes and the political death of Mary Landrieu, this little gem slipped under the radar. The state of Utah has decided it is going to reclaim territory taken by the Federal Government.

John Boehner still doesn’t get it

Good day all. Even though the Republican Party will take control of both houses of Congress in a few weeks, it’s obvious that current Speaker of the House John Boehner still doesn’t “Get it.” Boehner pretty much wants to just go along to get along.

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