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Farewell to Eric Holder, Federal Dick

Good day. It’s been a week since Eric Holder announced he was deserting the sinking ship, I mean resigning his position as Attorney General of the United States.

Apple and Google to encrypt smartphones by default

Good day all. In response to repeated violations of the 4th Amendment by both law enforcement and United States intelligence agencies, not to mention other criminals, Google and Apple have both announced that they are going to start encrypting their products by default.

Eric Holder’s next job?

Why, that might be as a justice of the United States Supreme Court. Alright, not that you have washed off your monitor, replaced your keyboard and taken whatever medications you prefer to prevent future bouts of projectile vomiting, this might not be as far fetched as you would think.

Lois Lerner Doubles Down

Good day all. It seems that Lois Lerner decided to give an interview to Politico regarding the IRS scandal and as you might expect, she’s both unapologetic for abusing the constitutional rights of conservative groups, and complaining ab out how she’s being treated.