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Fake President looking at domestic travel restrictions

Good day all. Since the Great Panicdemic of 2020 kicked in and people started panicking over a very bad cold, keeping people from traveling internationally has been the norm. However, Dementia Joe’s handlers have decided that preventing people from moving around inside of the Untied States might be a great idea.

The sharks are circling Flaming Cuomo

Good day all. It looks like the sharks are smelling blood in the water and have begun to circle Govno Flaming Cuomo. First, the Department of Justice has begun looking into Cuomo’s mishandling of the China Flu and the apparent eldercide his policies caused.

Knives out for Flaming Cuomo

Good day all. Things aren’t looking to good for Govno Andrew Flaming Cuomo since the revelation that his administration actively obstructed a federal investigation and covered up the number of people killed in the Govno’s campaign of eldercide.

Flaming Cuomo and Dim Bulb de Blasio screw up vaccine distribution

Good day all. Now that President Trump has pushed through vaccines for the China Virus, the distribution and immunization process has begun. I recently read that Israel has managed to immunize 10% of their population. This is a far cry from New York.