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CBS recommend hors d’oeurves in the garage

Good day all. As we gather together to devour assorted meats and vegetables, we should remember those who are to stupid to breathe unassisted, such as the morons at CBS.

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Oklahoma National Guard refuses vaccine mandate

Good day all. The fight over the maladministration’s tyrannical edicts that you will be vaccinated or else has taken several hits in the federal courts. However, they are doubling down on forcing the military to take the shots or be dishonorably discharged. The last information I have is that several hundred thousand military personnel may not have taken the experimental vaccines.

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So, how are those mandated Vaccinations working for you Psaki?

Good day all. This just broke, (Sunday October 31st), so there are probably a fair number of details missing. It seems that well known liar, oxygen thief and White House press secretary Jen “Reach Around” Psaki has tested positive for the Wuhan Flu.

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New York City Fire Department short staffed due to Progressive Tyranny

Good day all. When the Fauci Biological Warfare agent, code named “Coronavirus” escaped the lab, the Greatest President of the 21st Century, Donald Trump took charge an initiated Operation Warp Speed to get a vaccine into the hands of medical people for distribution to the general public.

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