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The Great Panicdemic of 2020: Banning Thanksgiving

Good day all. As we approach our annual day of devouring poultry, drinking mass quantities of adult beverages and watching football games, we have a number of governors who still think they’re Absolute Monarchs and not administrators of their states. Now they are banning Thanksgiving.

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Prison America: Biden plans another lockdown

Good day all. We still do not have an official winner of the 2020 presidential election, and with the huge amounts of apparent fraud, it may be a month or more before we do. In any case, this isn’t stopping Dementia Joe’s plans for America.

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Election 2020: Mayhem in Michigan

Good day all. There is a lot of information starting to come out, no thanks to the Main Stream Media, Google, Facebook and Twitter, regarding the apparent rigging of the 2020 Election by the Democrat Party. As of this posting, no states have certified the votes for President.

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The Coronavirus vaccine? Under Biden, Americans get it last

Good day all. In the last couple of weeks, news has come out that several Drug companies, Pfizer being notable, have developed a potential Cornavirus vaccine. This news was greeted with happiness and joy by Wall Street.

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