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National School Boards Association, “We’re sorry we called you terrorists”

Good day all. Last week, United States Attorney General Merrick “Heinrich Himmler” Garland was raked over the coals by the Senate oversight committee regarding his sending out the FBI to suppress parents who are not happy with their school boards.

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60 members of Congress demand answers from Heinrich Himmler Garland

Good day all. The anger at the Attorney General of the United States, Merrick “Heinrich Himmler” Garland is growing exponentially. His plan to turn the FBI into his personal Stasi and go after parents who are questioning, loudly, the direction the schools are taking, is blowing up in his face.

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DoJ and FBI to suppress parents objecting to school boards

Good day all. One good thing about the Great Panicdemic of 2020 and the lockdown was that parents actually got to see just what sort of drivel their children are being exposed to, and they are not happy. They are now confronting the school boards, demanding that they put an end to all the Marxist indoctrination and go back to actually teaching their children how to read, write, mathematics, history etc.

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Kansas teacher resigns rather then teach Progressive racist doctrine

Good day all. Critical Racist Theory is all the rage among the white Progressives, White Liberals and all Communazis. The basics are that all white people are all racists all the time and nothing will fix it. This crap is starting to make it’s way into schools and teachers are being ordered to teach by the school boards.

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