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MSNDNC calls home schooling “RACIST!”

Good day all. Prior to the Great Panicdemic of 2020 and the closing of the schools at the behest of the Teacher’s unions, there was a small but growing group of parents who home schooled their children. Of course, the “Professional Educators” were and are opposed to parents teaching their children how to read and write.

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AFT president Weingarten threatens war against parents

Good day all. Randy Weingarten is the president of the American Federation of Teachers. She is also to the left of Karl Marx. She has been going after parents who have dared to start questioning the political reeducation of children. She has also demanded that the schools be closed, for all intents and purposes, forever while the teachers continued being paid.

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San Francisco school board members recalled, call everyone white supremacists

Good day all. Recently the progressive world was shocked when three progressive members of the San Francisco school board were recalled in a landslide vote. Being progressives, they immediately blamed their favorite target for their removal, “White Supremacists.”

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Utah’s RINO Governor promises to protect teachers union after campaign donations

Good day all. Utah is one of the more conservative states in the Union. They aren’t completely Republican of course, but generally vote GOP. The state is also dealing with the Communists of the teachers unions. This has led to the Utah State Legislature to listen the parents and pass a bill on school choice.

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