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Ilhan Omar has a Muslim GOP challenger

Good day all. Since taking office in 2018, Representative Ilhan Omar, (D–Somalia), has been making a complete disgrace of herself. She has come out as a raving anti-Semite, a socialist totalitarian, and potentially a flat out criminal.

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Judge orders voter roll cleanup

Good day all. With all the news regarding the Democrats Coup plot dressed up to look like an impeachment, and the potential Virginia Boogaloo, this story slid in under the radar. A Wisconsin judge has ordered that up to 209,000 names be purged from the voter rolls.

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Is a brokered Democrat convention possible?

Good day all. Now that we have begun the new year, it’s time to start thinking about the coming silly season. By that, I mean the primaries. With President Trump being the incumbent for the Republican party, the GOP primaries really won’t matter much except for lower level races.

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