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And that’s all folks for Harvey Weinstein

Good day all. With all the panic over the Beer virus, a few little news stories went down the memory hole. One of them is the sentencing of Harvey Weinstein to 28 years in prison.

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GOP Billionaire buys major Stake in Twitter

Good day all. It’s no secret that the social(ist) media platforms are owned and operated by hard left Progressive Fascists who have no problem suppressing any speech they disagree with. Twitter is one of the worst, (Right along with Faceplant), in booting anyone off the platform they don’t like.

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Chris “Tingles” Matthews out at MSNBC

Good day all. We have some breaking news. Last night, Chris Matthews, aka “Tingles” announced that he was ‘Retiring” from Hardball, effective immediately.

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Democrat Darling Harvey Weinstein is Shocked!

Good day all. A little over two years ago, Ronan Farrow broke a story regarding Movie Mogul and major Democrat money machine Harvey Weinstein. The story involved Weinstein’s sexual abuse and assaults towards actresses.

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