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ATF vs Fleshlights?

Good day all. One of the things the Fake President wants to ban, among things like the Constitution, Liberty, Individual rights and property, are guns and things that can be attached to them. This has led people to contact the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to find out what they can legally attach to their firearms.

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Fascist Fauci hammered in Congressional Hearing

Good day all. Tempers are running hot in the Capitol, and a hearing at the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus was no exception. Representative Jordan (R-Ohio) pressed Anthony “Fascist” Fauci on when his restrictions on Americans liberties will come to an end.

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Want more proof Big Tech will protect the Fake President?

Good day all. I recently wrote up a post on how Faceplant’s ZuckBorgs had censored an interview by the Daughter In-law of the Greatest President in the 21st Century, Donald Trump. Faceplant removed the video and flat out threatened Ms. Trump for putting it up there.

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Baen’s Bar is coming back!!

Good day all. It has been a few months since Baen’s Bar was forced offline thanks to a lying Progressive scumbag, who I have taken to calling Jason Sandfart, accused people on The Bar of every crime he could think of. He managed to piss off exactly the wrong sort of people who then made it their life’s work to lawfully make his life a living hell.

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