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Reagan and Obama

This is going to be a very simple pictorial of the differences between the Greatest President of the 20th century and the worst president in United States History.

IRS: The dog ate our email

Good day all. Last Friday, the Internal Revenue Service came out with a doozy of an excuse regarding Lois Lerner’s email. According to the IRS, all her emails prior to 2011 were lost when her computer crashed.

James O’Keefe strikes again!

Good day all. Conservative filmmaker and royal pain to the PLFD’s has struck again. This time he set up a fake anti-fraking film and managed to get some of the more notorious Hollywood Moonbats to sign on for it.

Review: Godzilla

Good evening all, this is the Angry Systems Administrator. I am here to give a quick review of Godzilla. I was able to see it Thursday Night after drugging the Angry Webmaster. (Otherwise he wouldn’t have let me go and stolen my ticket for himself, the swine)