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April Fools!

Good day all. I was going to do some sort of April Fools say gag, but I was to busy to really work something up. Frankly, with all the fools we have in Washington, I’m feeling a bit outclassed these days. Not to worry, I’m sure there will be plenty of foolery going around today.

The newest group of firearms enthusiasts? Ivy League students

Good day all. In a massive shock to the system, it seems that one of the fastest growing groups of enthusiasts in the shooting sports are students attending the most progressive of universities, the elitist Ivy League schools.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! *hic*

Top O’ the Morning to Ye and a Happy Saint Paddy’s day to Ye!

House of Cards, Season three

Good day all. Netflix has released the third season of House of Cards. I have pizza, I have beer the couch is prepared and I have a bucket for “other needs.”

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