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Paula Priesse, Obamacare Navigator part 7

Good day all. In this time of Ebola, we have Paula Priesse, Obama rumpswab and Obamacare navigator dealing with the Obamacare Truth Wizard.

Paula Priesse, Obamacare navigator meets The Truth Wizard

Good day all. Our favorite moonbat, Paula Priesse has finally discovered the cause for all her computer and teddy bear problems since starting her job as an Obamacare navigator. Paula has been transported to the land of Oz, and as you might expect, wants to go home. The Truth Wizard gives her the magic words and…well see for yourselves.

Global Warming, the Musical!

In the annals of mindbogglingly stupid ways to waste taxpayer money, producing a play nicknamed Climate Change: The Musical has to rank right up there. And, as you would expect, it was an utter disaster.

Tis the season of annoying pollsters

Good day all. Nothing annoys me more then a pollster calling. I don’t have time to deal with them and usually ignore the calls. However, this one sneaked through. Mrs. Webmaster is off today and she picked up the phone. Since she didn’t understand what the twerp on the other end was talking about, she called me.