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Tis the season of annoying pollsters

Good day all. Nothing annoys me more then a pollster calling. I don’t have time to deal with them and usually ignore the calls. However, this one sneaked through. Mrs. Webmaster is off today and she picked up the phone. Since she didn’t understand what the twerp on the other end was talking about, she called me.

Scottish referendum for independence

Good day all. I’m going to change topics a bit and look into the referendum to be held Thursday, September 18th, 2014 on Scotland’s seceding from the United Kingdom.

Apple’s Next Big Announcement

Good day all, this is the Angry Systems Administrator. I’m here to bring you the latest news on the latest technology. In this case, Apple is making a major announcement for it’s “Next Big Thing!” Normally, Anger Central would live blog something like this, but since no one has used that feature in the Blog, I turned it off. So bear with me as I describe what I’m seeing. It will be delayed.

Paula Preisse informs people what Obamacare doesn’t cover

Good day all. Our favorite moonbat is back after her “teddy bear” problem and is taking more calls helping people sign up for that wonderful Obamacare.