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Countdown until “24″

Good day all. the “24″ Miniseries will begin on May 5th. Until then, here is a little taste of what we can expect from Jack Bauer and his crew.

2014 Academy Awards

Good day all. Last night was the 2014 Academy Awards. This is the annual Hollywood march of the most narcissistic drones on Earth. It’s also become one of the dullest, slow and boring shows on Television.

Good riddance to Piers Morgan

Good day all. I’m still on travel so this will be quick. CNN has decided that Piers Morgan, better known as Jeremy Clarkson’s punching bag, is being offered a chance to return to his homeland. His show is being canceled.

America facing a shortage of clowns

Good day all. It has come to my attention that the United States is facing a critical shortage of clowns. Yes, it’s true. Circuses are struggling to find people with red noses and big shoes to entertain, (And frighten), small children everywhere.