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Drone’s view of a fireworks display

Good day all. I say this video last night and thought it was probably one of the better uses of a drone we’ve seen of late. Someone decided to fly a drone with a HiDef camera through a fireworks display. Here is the video for your enjoyment. Now that was really cool, but why do […]

Horrors! 4th of July BBQ costs highest ever!

Good day all. Tomorrow is the 4th of July, also known in America as Independence Day. 238 years ago, the 13 Colonies declared their independence from England. Today, we celebrate that day with parades, fireworks, picnics and barbeques.

99 words for boobs

Good day all. It’s Saturday, it’s hot out and I’m just tired of writing about all the scandals and corruption that is bringing our once great nation to it’s knees. So, I’m going to just post a video I found on the innerwebtubs.

John Oliver on Net Neutrality

Good day all. I’ve been rather quiet of late, but now I found something I think you should all be made aware of. This is Net Neutrality.