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Biden sending troops back to Somolia

Good day all. Dementia Joe Biden knows, or at least his handlers know, that everything is quickly turning into a complete pile of manure. President* Bumbles Dementia’s poll numbers have cratered and even the reliable Progressive base is turning on him. So what is an incompetent corrupt fool to do? Start a war of course.

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Biden’s cunning plan to fight inflation

Good day all. We are seeing levels of inflation that haven’t been seen since the 70’s. If anything, it’s probably worse since the Maladministration is probably fudging the numbers…a lot. President* Bumbles Dementia has announced that he is going to “Fix” the inflation problem. How is he going to do it?

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Once again, Biden put’s American’s last and will starve American babies

Good day all. Recently, the new broke that the United States is suffering a severe shortage of baby formula. In some areas of the country, there is literally none available. There are a number of reasons for this, with the Biden caused supply chain issues being one of them.

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DHS Censor wants to edit your tweets

Good day all. When the news that the Department of Homeland (In)Security had created the Disinformation Governance Board, people saw it for what it was. Government censorship. The selected head of this board, Nina Jankowicz, is turning out to be a real nutcase. (Raving loon would be a better description)

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