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Liz Cheney thinking of running for President. America LOL’s

Good day all. Not that Representative Elizabeth Cheney, (WY-RINO) has been bounced from the House GOP leadership team, she is trying to decide what she should do in 2024. She has decided that running for President might be her next great career move.


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Fake President looking for ways to spy on Americans

Good day all. Recently the United States Post Office was caught spying on American’s social(ist) Media posts. While they claimed they were justified, they have been rightfully ripped to shreds. However, the Maladministration of the Fake President still wants to continue spying on Americans.

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The Arizona election audit turns up “Issues”

Good day all. The Arizona state legislature has authorized a full and complete audit of the Maricopa County 2020 election. Maricopa County has been fighting this tooth and nail, and the Democrats nationwide have been trying to shut the forensic audit down.

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St. Louis Circuit Attorney, Kim Gardner now in real trouble

Good day all. We haven’t heard much from the St. Louis circuit attorney, (Their term for District attorney) for a while now. The last I heard, she and her entire office had been removed from the case involving the McCloskeys and that an investigation into her actions regarding the former governor was coming to a conclusion.

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